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The United States team has had no victories in Bogotá three years since, in three years


The recent results of Cali and America de Cali and Millonarios have earned the teams starring roles in the Copa Libertadores Cup final. They are two of the teams with the most championships in their archives.

This league series will have to be played once again, starting on Saturday, because Brazil has displaced the 'the devils' to meet the Cup liberators, the BetPlay I-20 league, in Atlético Mineiro on the second date.

During their series of resolves, the powers have generated 40 total victories for the USA, with 16 for the Rich, and 11 total draws with 13 for the Millionaires. Although the Albies has tallied 44 in this contest, the Reds have the upper hand in the Scoring Race.

It marked the start of a new phase of 'ambassadors' with 14 points scored over the first two games of the 2018-19 campaign. Liga Águila achieved an excellent 3-1 result on March 6, with valuable support from Ayron del Val and cheap assistance from Uruguayan-ceno Ramírez. although on August 25, they defeated Pascual Guerrero, the previous holder of the Asturian Valley title, they went on to win 2-0 at Ayron's Ladio.

In the four games in 2019, the Valle del Cau Verde side had a clear advantage. Fabán González and Yesus Cabrera both scored in the 2nd game of the April match in El Campín; however, the club only needed one more point in the course of the competition and on June 12 Jorge Luis' team lost one in the fourth game at their home venue by the 2-1 margin (entries by Carrillo Sierra, and Montoya, respectively) result (by that of Cabrera and Yesus)

The game ended on October 12 of that year, with Andrés Felipe scoring a goal from the penalty spot when Pisano found the back of the net in the visitors' box.

The 0-2 match they played on November 7, 2020, in Cali, saw two different scores between Millonarios and Ayron Del Valle.

The final game of the most recent took place on March 31 in Páez and America found themselves with a 2 ahead in the last 10 minutes at the 2. Sánche hit a brilliant winner for Millonarios, missed two excellent chances, and they equalized when Diego Abad put a ball into the back of the net.

Since Millionaires El Campín has defeated America on March 4, 2018, three years and one month later, it can be concluded that America has avoided any significant losses since then. We've gone into the semifinal with the previous two-time Colombian champion who has no foreign rivalry to worry about, so he'll be free to show his form in the Libertadores.

When training for his cup debut against Cerro Porteño, there is a question if Ramos will be ready to play in the first half. And as far as I can tell, in Libertad, it does.

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