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Ancelotti obliged James Rodriguez to do duty for the team that previous players seldom do for their teammates


James Rodríguez has emerged as a crucial cog in the machine for manager Ancelotti. He has managed six goals and provided five assists in 21 games for the effervescent attacking strategy of the major competitors in the Premier League.

Since his move to Everton, Rodríguez started playing for the right field, with a different set of responsibilities, he's begun helping his team's forwards as we see him doing with Calvert and Lewin are doing here now.

Having been forced to leave the games, James's position relaxed considerably. Ancelotti's menfind it imperative that they've got to position their base of operations in the middle of the court because any attack starts from there.

About this, injuries being an ever-present subject, however, Coach Ancelotti asked to play his midfielder in a different position and the team obliged. in the previous game against Tottenham, which finished in a 2-2 result, Rodríguez was his primary attacking midfield partner, playing under an original 4-2 lineup. However, his predecessor's arrival, Real Madrid is at the three was postponed to better fit him in as a deep-lying playmaker or second striker.

Not surprisingly, Leon Osman, a former Everton star, requested that James Rodrúig remain in the middle and said that the squad is stronger when imaginative playersplay up top.

"Yes, everybody knows that Everton is stronger in terms of offense under Carlo Ancelotti, it's common knowledge. For the majority of the success, it was primarily attributed to the influence of James Rodriguez. He was playing from a more central position, in fact, and moved to the right to cover that area better. for a large portion of the year "The former England international once commented that

This doubt would affect Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison, the two efficient attack-minded players that Everton has. It's also a problem for Ancelotti to have to deal with: Lewin will have to be moved so that he can open up more space for Rodríguez, and Calvert has requested it on the other.

"Johnson reinvigorated Everton. Dominic has been injured, he is Everton's central and main forward, but Everton found something (Rodríguez playing as a midfielder) that they had not had in a time there. It's a good dilemma for Carlo Ancelotti, trying to find a way to get him (Calvert-Lewin) back to the side. "

With a tight schedule and several absences on the squad, Ancelotti hopes to reach the goal of qualifying for European competitions. with James Rodríguez as one of the key men. Will his scheme change? The James Rodríguez effect? ​​The truth is that the Colombian is fundamental for those that the Italian wants and the praise for his good performancedoes not stop.

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