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Designated atlético nacional after elimination before equidad

The 'businessman' squad did not accomplish the objective of the title battle.

May 04, 202198937 Shares1476665 Views
The quarter-finals of the Betplay Leagueagainst Equidad defeated Atlético Nacional. The squad from 'purslane' did not achieve its target of competing for the 17th star and now only Copa Libertadores, which was a competitive competition in the group stage, is its main focus.
But above all, the scandalous removal of Equidad brought a series of charges because the Paisa squad played the main and failed. This caused the fans to criticize the representatives and coaching employees.
Sports Director Francisco Nájera: fans have criticized the administration of retired playersin the area of recruiting because no signatures have made any impact in recent years. Though his success is tied to the decisions of the President and coaches, Nacional's reservations about the development of the squad are greater than definite.
Juan David Perez:Atletico Nacional's outgoing president finishes his cycle with a new sportdisaster. His role in economic and administrative matters was very important, but he failed to accomplish the objectives in terms of soccerperformance.
Alexandre Guimaraes, Atlético Nacional's second failure:that the coach didn't meet the goal to fight for the Colombian League and that expulsion from La Equidad had aroused the fans' frustration as they were eliminated by weaker quotes against their competitor.
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