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Calder Horse Racing Tips

Embark on a riveting journey into the realm of Calder Horse Racing, where the pulse-pounding beat of hooves on the track and the thrill of competition create an unparalleled spectacle.

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Embark on a riveting journey into the realm of Calder Horse Racing, where the pulse-pounding beat of hooves on the track and the thrill of competition create an unparalleled spectacle.
Calder Race Course has established itself as a premier destination for horse racing enthusiasts, drawing both seasoned bettors and curious onlookers to its dynamic events.

Calder Race Course Horse Racing

Placing your bets on Calder Race Course has been streamlined with the convenience of online platforms. Whether you prefer using your smartphone, tablet, or computer, BUSR allows you to wager on Calder races anytime and anywhere. As a bonus for new members, a generous $1,000 bonus awaits upon the first deposit, coupled with the opportunity to qualify for an additional $150 cash bonus.
Calder Race Course, nestled in Miami Gardens, Florida, along the Miami-Dade/Broward County line, stands approximately 15 miles from the bustling centers of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. The track's racing legacy commenced on May 6, 1971, marking the beginning of an illustrious journey. In January 1999, Churchill Downs Incorporated acquired Calder Race Course for a notable sum of $86 million.
This premier racing venue hosts some of the most significant events in Florida, including the renowned Florida Million—an annual extravaganza featuring a $1.2 million, 8-race stakes program exclusively for Florida-bred horses. Another highlight on Calder's racing calendar is the Summit of Speed, inaugurated in 2000, which has produced multiple Breeders' Cup champions and Eclipse Award winners.
Since 1982, Calder has been a steadfast host of the Florida Stallion Stakes series, a yearly spectacle showcasing races for two-year-olds. The track also features numerous overnight stakes and handicaps, adding to its vibrant racing calendar.
Calder Race Course earned its place in history on June 4, 2005, when jockey Eddie Castro achieved a remarkable feat, setting the North American record for the most wins in a day at a single track—a staggering 9 victories at Calder.
The pinnacle of Calder's influence in the racing world occurred in 2006 when it witnessed the world record for the highest sale price of a thoroughbred. The two-year-old sensation known as The Green Monkey fetched an astonishing $16 million, adding a historic chapter to Calder Race Course's legacy in the horse racing realm.

Calder Race Track Closing

In a significant development for Miami Gardens, Blackstone (BX) is actively advancing its $700 million distribution project plans, marking a substantial step forward for the envisioned logistics center. Churchill Downs, the operator of the former Calder Race Course, recently disclosed the completion of a transaction involving the sale of 115.7 acres to the renowned investment giant, Blackstone, at a notable price tag of $291 million.
This strategic deal, initially unveiled in November 2021, outlines Blackstone's ambitious vision for the redevelopment of the site located at 21119 Northwest 27th Avenue, once home to the iconic Calder Race Course. New York-based Link Logistics, a subsidiary of Blackstone, is spearheading the proposed transformation, envisioning the creation of a state-of-the-art logistics center characterized by innovation and efficiency.
The proposed plans articulated by Link Logistics are nothing short of transformative. Envisaging a cutting-edge logistics hub, the project is slated to feature an array of 12 buildings, collectively boasting an impressive 2.3 million square feet of industrial space. This vision aligns with the broader trend of modernizing and optimizing distribution networks, catering to the evolving needs of the dynamic business landscape.
As the former Calder Race Course undergoes this transition from a historic race-track to a pioneering logistics center, it marks a significant shift in the utilization of the site. The infusion of Blackstone's expertise and investment signifies a strategic move toward embracing the future of logistics and distribution in Miami Gardens.
This venture not only underscores the adaptability of spaces in urban environments but also reflects the commitment to economic development and job creation within the region. The metamorphosis of the Calder Race Course site into a cutting-edge logistics center is poised to make a lasting impact on the local landscape, contributing to the economic vitality of Miami Gardens in the years to come.
Horses with riders are running in green grassy field.
Horses with riders are running in green grassy field.

Calder Race Course Betting Tips For Beginners

Here are some Calder Race Course betting tips tailored for beginners:
  • Understand the Basics- Learn the fundamental aspects of horse racing, including different bet types, odds, and how to read a racing program.
  • Start with Straight Bets - Begin by placing straightforward bets like Win, Place, or Show. These are simpler and can help build confidence.
  • Study the Horses- Familiarize yourself with the horses participating in the race. Consider factors such as recent performance, jockey, and trainer statistics.
  • Consider Track Conditions- Track conditions play a significant role in race outcomes. Understand how factors like weather and track surface affect a horse's performance.
  • Set a Budget- Determine how much money you're willing to spend on betting. Set a budget and stick to it to ensure responsible gambling.
  • Watch Races and Gain Experience- Attend races or watch them online to observe how different horses perform. Experience is valuable in understanding race dynamics.
  • Explore Exotic Bets Gradually- Once comfortable with straight bets, gradually explore exotic bets like Exacta, Trifecta, or Quinella. These offer higher payouts but require a deeper understanding.
  • Stay Informed- Keep up with the latest news, horse injuries, and any changes in the racing conditions. Informed decisions lead to better bets.
  • Utilize Expert Picks- Many racing programs provide expert picks and analysis. Consider using these insights, especially when you're starting out.
  • Manage Expectations- Horse racing involves an element of luck. Understand that losses are part of the game, and success comes with time and experience.
Remember, betting on horse racing is both thrilling and educational. Take your time to learn, enjoy the races, and gradually develop your own strategies.

Does Miami Have A Horse Race Track?

Calder Race Course, located in Miami Gardens, was a historic horse racing venue that had ceased its operations. The closure marked the end of an era for horse racing enthusiasts in the region. The former Calder Race Course site, spanning 115.7 acres, became the focus of a major real estate transaction.
Churchill Downs, the race-track operator, announced in November 2021 that it had sold the 115.7-acre property to Blackstone for a significant amount of $291 million.
Blackstone's plans for the property included a sizable redevelopment project under the direction of its division, Link Logistics. The proposed project aimed to transform the location into a state-of-the-art logistics center.
The specifics of Blackstone's redevelopment plans outlined the construction of 12 buildings, totaling an impressive 2.3 million square feet of industrial space. This ambitious logistics center was anticipated to play a vital role in supporting distribution and supply chain activities in the Miami Gardens area.
While the closure of the Calder Race Course marked the end of horse racing at that particular venue, the transition of the site into a logistics center represented a new chapter in the area's development.

Notable Races And Events

Calder Race Course has been host to several notable races and events throughout its history, contributing to its significance in the world of horse racing. Here are some of the notable races and events that have taken place at Calder:
  • Florida Million -One of the most prestigious events held at Calder, the Florida Million is an annual series of stakes races for Florida-bred horses. It features multiple races with substantial purses, showcasing the talent of locally bred thoroughbreds.
  • Festival of the Sun -This event is a highlight of Calder's racing calendar, featuring a day of top-class racing with several stakes races. The Festival of the Sun often attracts top horses, trainers, and jockeys, adding excitement to the racing season.
  • Florida Stallion Stakes Series -Calder has been a regular host of the Florida Stallion Stakes, a series of races for two-year-olds that has been held annually since 1982. These races provide a platform for young and promising horses to showcase their potential.
  • Symphony in Lights Holiday Celebration -While not a racing event, Calder's Symphony in Lights Holiday Celebration is a festive and popular annual event. It typically runs from November 11 to December 31, featuring holiday-themed lights, decorations, and entertainmentat Gulfstream Park Village.
  • Gulfstream Park West -After the leasing of racing operations to the Stronach Group, Calder Race Course became known as Gulfstream Park West during its fall race meet. This period included various stakes races and added to the overall racing experience.
These events have not only contributed to the racing legacy of Calder but have also provided entertainment and excitement for racing enthusiasts and the local community. Keep in mind that events may evolve and change over time, so checking the latest updates and announcements from the racecourse is advisable.

Future Outlook For Horse Racing In Miami Gardens

The future outlook for horse racing in Miami Gardens, particularly at Calder Race Course, is subject to various factors that influence the horse racing industry and the local landscape. Here are key considerations for the future of horse racing in Miami Gardens:
  • Economic and Regulatory Landscape -Economic conditions and regulatory frameworks significantly impact the horse racing industry. Changes in gambling laws, taxation policies, and overall economic health can influence the viability and sustainability of horse racing operations.
  • Industry Trends -The horse racing industry is evolving, with a focus on adapting to modern trends and attracting a new generation of fans. Innovations in technology, such as online betting platforms and interactive experiences, play a role in shaping the future of horse racing.
  • Development Projects -The fate of former racetrack sites, like Calder Race Course, is often tied to development projects in the area. Changes in land use, zoning regulations, and real estate developments can determine whether a racetrack continues to operate or is repurposed for other ventures.
  • Public Interest and Attendance -The sustained interest of the public in horse racing is crucial for the sport's future. Factors such as attendance at races, viewership numbers, and engagement with horse racing events contribute to the overall health of the industry.
  • Integration with Entertainment -Many successful horse racing venues have integrated entertainment components, such as casinos, live events, and dining experiences. The ability to create a diverse entertainment destination can enhance the appeal of horse racing to a broader audience.
  • Community Support -Local community support and engagement are vital for the longevity of horse racing in any area. Positive relationships with the community, local businesses, and government entities can contribute to the overall success and acceptance of horse racing operations.
  • Adaptation to Changing Preferences -Understanding and adapting to changing preferences of the audience is crucial. Whether it's through modernizing facilities, offering new types of races, or embracing emerging technologies, staying relevant is key.
  • Collaboration with Industry Stakeholders -Collaboration with industry stakeholders, including horse owners, trainers, jockeys, and governing bodies, is essential for ensuring the smooth operation and growth of horse racing in the region.
As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, specific details about the current status or future developments at Calder Race Course in Miami Gardens may have evolved.
It's recommended to refer to the latest news, official announcements, and industry reports for the most up-to-date information on the future of horse racing in Miami Gardens.

FAQs About Calder Horse Racing

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Final Words

In essence, Calder Horse Racing encapsulates the essence of equestrian excellence, fostering a sense of excitement and camaraderie among enthusiasts.
As you delve into the world of Calder Race Course, you're invited to witness the sheer power, speed, and elegance of these magnificent creatures.
As the track transitions and embraces new developments, the future outlook for horse racing in Miami Gardens promises an intriguing journey for both seasoned bettors and those taking their first strides into this captivating world.
Whether you're a seasoned racing devotee or a newcomer eager for a taste of the action, Calder Horse Racing promises an exhilarating experience that transcends the ordinary.
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