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Jeshurun Scold? Call of Acolfutpro to the Federation

Colombian teams have been forced to leave the region for Conmebol matches

May 07, 2021139881 Shares2411747 Views
Based on the sudden trips to Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana by Nacional, Santa Fe and Equidad, which produced retrogression and economic expenses, the Colombian Association of Professional Footballers (Acolfutpro) has been emphatic, provided the management of Ramón Jesurún. Provided the few alternatives to address the problems of the headquarters.
In the statement they say "The lack of leadership on the part of Mr Ramón Jesurún president of the FCF caused the Colombian clubs to suffer because they accepted Conmebol's imposition to play in a venue at a disadvantage as opposed to the Argentinean teams they were faced with"
This declaration claims that Colombia clubs are without management to ensure their rights and their competitors would be of some advantage while on a short trip from Argentina to Paraguay, compared with the trip made by the three delegations from Colombia "the rivals of Santa Fe, Nacional and Equidad compete on scheduled flights to arrive for a short time.
The letter concludes with the FCF management's refusal to overcome these inconveniences. "The FCF was inappropriate in its allowability with Conmebol and its lack of management in search of alternatives that would have more conducive opportunities for clubs to make shorter voyages." " Nacional, Santa Fe and Equidad are still in Paraguay and will now play their own duels against Argentinos Juniors, River Plate and Lanús.
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