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And how is Argentina, COPA's partner: Big Business

The recent surge of pathogens has overwhelmed the infrastructure and strong controls are in place.

May 13, 202136950 Shares499318 Views
For the first time, the Copa América will be shared by two countries: Colombia and Argentina. The panorama in Colombia is characterized by the latest wave of COVID-19 and two weeks of deadly demonstrations that killed many people. So Argentina, how is that?
The big headache is the second wave of the outbreak, which causes over 20,000 illnesses and over 500 deaths every day.
Last Tuesday's study, for example, refers to 24,475 outbreaks and a total of 3,2 million people have the disease. The dead were more than 68,000.
On April 16, there were record figures of 29,472 infections and 663 deaths.
In an attempt to monitor Covid 19, Alberto Fernandez has imposed all kinds of measures including restrictions on movement between 8 p.m. and 6 p.m., suspension of social activities in private restaurants, outdoor gatherings with more than 20 people, recreation in closed areas for more than 10 people and the shutting-down of bars and restaurants at 11 p.m. as well as commercial meetings with more than 20 people.
According to local media outlets, the cessation of face-to-face classes has been added in recent weeks, leading to major disagreements, apart from the suspension of leisure, educational, cultural, sporting, and religious events in the private areas.
Both these drawbacks are unanswered questions about the public's participation on the stages that are optimally suited for the chosen participants of the competition called the southern cone. In Colombia, for example, no access has already been announced.
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