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Damar Hamlin's Family Thanks Fans For Support After His Collapse


NFL star Damar Hamlin's family thanks fans for support after his collapse. After the player suffered a cardiac arrest during a primetime game in the National FootballLeague in the United States, members of Damar Hamlin's family have stated that they are "deeply moved" by the support shown by fans for the star player.

According to the information provided by his team, the Buffalo Bills player has spent the night in the intensive care unit of the hospital and is currently in critical condition. Hamlin was knocked unconscious after being involved in a collision with one of his opponents on Monday. The player's supporters have come out in force.

The Collision

The collision took place in the first quarter of the NFL game, and Hamlin was treated by medical personnel on the field for more than thirty minutes before being transported to a nearby hospital. Later, his team reported that the player had suffered a cardiac arrest and that his heartbeat was restored while he was on the field on Monday.

The National FootballLeague (NFL) announced on Tuesday that its commissioner, Roger Goodell, had spoken with both teams and informed them that the game would not resume this week. The suspension of the game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals for the night was caused by lightning.

According to the National FootballLeague (NFL), "no decision" has been made regarding whether or not the game will continue at a later date.

According to a statement that was released by the NFL on Tuesday, Hamlin's family said that in their first comments since the incident, they wanted to share their "sincere gratitude for the love and support" from fans, including through donations to a toy drive that he had launched.

Hamlin's family said:

Your generosity and compassion mean the world to us.- Hamlin's family

The National FootballLeague PlayersAssociation is a labor union that represents professional athletes. They have stated that their primary concern is "the health of our brother, Damar Hamlin," and that they will make sure that players for both the Bills and the Bengals receive support during this difficult time.

The on-field emergency sparked an outpouring of support for Hamlin and brought attention back to the dangerous nature of America's most popular sportat a time when the NFL season is approaching its climactic play-off stages. Hamlin was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

In the stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hamlin was making a tackle on Bengals receiver Tee Higgins when it appeared that Higgins' helmet made contact with Hamlin in the chest. After getting to his feet for the first time, he fell backward onto his back.

Hamlin was surrounded by players from both teams as emergency medical personnel performed CPR and administered oxygen. Several people could be seen in obvious distress, with many of them on their knees praying and some of them crying.

While the crowd in Cincinnati remained silent throughout the ordeal, the television coverage repeatedly cut away from the action that was taking place on the field. NFL games are rarely canceled due to injury. The fact that gameplay had stalled, according to commentators, was a sign of the shocking and severe nature of the emergency.

The two teams are among the top Super Bowl contenders this year, and their meeting will take place on a primetime Monday night in the NFL's final week of the regular season. The Bills selected Hamlin, a native of McKees Rock, Pennsylvania, in the 2021 draft out of the University of Pittsburgh.

Since before he was a paid athlete, he has received praise for hosting annual Christmas toy drives in his hometown. After Hamlin's death on Monday, an online GoFundMe page for the toy drive was reshared and raised more than $4 million (£3.3 million).

American footballsafety has been heavily debated in recent years, but usually over concussions rather than cardiac risks. Many former NFL players have CTE, a degenerative brain condition linked to repeated head hits, according to research.

Blunt trauma is common in contact sports, but it is uncommon for it to cause heart problems like this. A direct blow to the chest can cause cardiac arrest. When the heart stops beating properly, it is unable to perform its function of pumping blood throughout the body.

It is not the same as a heart attack, which occurs when the blood supply to the heart muscle is cut off. In Hamlin's case, medics were able to quickly restart his heart. It's unclear what internal injuries he may have sustained as a result of the incident, or whether there was any significant damage to his heart.

Final Words

Good wishes for the injured player have poured in, and buildings across Cincinnati, including Paycor Stadium, were lit up in blue on Monday evening. Basketball legend LeBron James stated:

It was a terrible thing to see and I wish nothing but the best for that kid.- LeBron James

Bruce Sharpe, a Bills fan who was in the stadium at the time, said it was:

Devastating. Everything got dead silent. We're just praying that everything's okay.- Bruce Sharpe

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