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The chasing of goals never ends: eliminating four candidates


Both Deportes Tolimaand Deportivo Caliare racing neck and neck to reach the final days.

Since conceding less than a goal in the first half of the next year, four of the six scorers had a chance of winning the contest.

During the first semester, Jefferson Duque, captain and an attacker for the Atlético Nac club, currently leads the table with 11 goals.

so two former playersfrom Antioquia and one from Millonaros will meet in the semis.

The leading scorers, Fernando Uribe and Cristian Arango, both have racked up eight tallies in the league for Millonarios, who have found the net eight times. If either of them wants to retain the money, they have to win against Junior and do so with regard to the ambassador in the final.

The attack's key asset for Barranquilla's Barranquilla Junior is striker Miguel Áel. The next million millionaires will be.

New Zealand international striker Diego Hislop: La Equidad is one of the most notable underdogs of the competition and he's got close to getting the championship's Most Valuable Player award. The insurance shooter is about to catch up with Deportivo Cali

Similarly, Deportes Tolima's leading scorer is Campaz with four, while Deportivo Cali has the same number of scorers.

This is the scorers table:

  • Jefferson Duque, Atlético Nacional, 11 goals.
  • Diego Herazo, La Equidad, 10 goals.
  • Miguel Borja, Junior, 8 goals.
  • Fernando Uribe, Millionaires, 8 goals.
  • Cristian Arango, Millionaires, 8 goals.
  • Agustín Vuletich, Independiente Medellín, 7 goals.
  • Brayan Moreno, Boyacá Chicó, 6 goals.
  • David Lemos, Once Caldas, 6 goals.
  • Jarlan Barrera, Atlético Nacional, 6 goals.
  • Kelvin Osorio, Independiente Santa Fe, 6 goals.
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