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Colombia Remains in FIFA's Unranked Fifteenth Position in the Month of April

Again, for the fourth season in a row, the Colombians play in the same role. When Martínez's Belgium is on top of its game, it is the best in the world.

Apr 15, 202134223 Shares1180119 Views
FIFApublished this latest World List, which places Belgium at the top, along with France and Brazil in seventh. The biggest movers of the month were Italy, which rose to seventh place, and Argentina and Uruguay, which withdrew, entered the competition to send Denmark.
The Colombian national team has remained in 15th position with a score of 1,600 since November when they were defeated by Ecuador and Uruguay in Qualifying. As Reinaldo Rueda's group arrives, they will be in the fifth place for the fifth time. Lately, in the fall of the year before last, he hasn't made it into the top 10.
Both Brazil and Argentina are in the top 20, while only Colombia and Chile are from South America on the list. Europe rules the list of seven of the ten teams ranked first through seventh.

The 10 Best Teams In The FIFA Ranking

  • Belgium: 1783.38 points
  • France: 1757.3 Brazil: 1742.65
  • England: 1686.78
  • Portugal: 1666.12
  • Spain: 1648.13
  • Italy: 1642.06
  • Argentina: 1641.95
  • Uruguay: 1639.08
  • Denmark: 1631.55
  • Colombia: 1600.66
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