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Colombian Football: How the roster sorted itself out at the end of the day 18


On the last day of the BetPlay Dimayor I-21 League, after 18 matches are over, the league will be fully resolved. Both teams will be in the quarterfinals and another four will battle for the last two final two spots on the last day.

Deportivo Calistill remains the champion, even though it has fallen to Atlético Nacional. The 'sugar bowl' team has 31 points, with the same score.

If Santa Fe has 30 points but Tolima has the same units, therefore Santa Fe is equivalent to Tolima. one percent of the population own seventy percent of the country's wealth and six percent of the nation's population are affluent

These states are recorded, Colombia, El Nacaqueo, Tolima, and Santa Fe, as well as La Millonarios and La Equidad are covered. Junior has 29 points and an advantage of wins but needs to finish with eight total games to achieve an even plus.

Perhaps you'd like to know: During the national anthem at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the Tolima midfielder who did so drew huge critical attention with a "psychotic" tantrum.

As for eighth place, the U.S.A. is 'USA' with 26 points.

Medín is the only team in the eight-team bracket with 26 units.

  • Jaguares - 24 points
  • Pasto- 22 points
  • Bucaramanga - 20 points
  • Boyacá Chicó - 18 points
  • Patriotas - 17 points
  • Envigado - 16 points
  • Pereira - 15 points
  • Once Caldas - 14 points
  • Golden Eagles - 14 points
  • Alianza Petrolera - 5 points
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