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Deportes Tolima made the correct assessment


On the road this week's Dimayor League matchday, Tolima and Bucaramanga drew a scoreless game at the Manuel Murillo stadium.

There were few goal scoring opportunities in the first half of the game. They had the clearest answers. Brayan Fernández ran out from the left and tried to get into the opposite field with both hands, as if carrying an offering of friendship. One more time, Andrés Sármitto cut in from the right and hit the goalie, Álvaro Montero, with a free-kick from 30 yards out.

As Jaminton Leandro Campaz was fired from mid-distance by Deportes Tolima, he missed the first time and struck the second time in the air. They lost their bearings. A minute and a half into the second half, Santander midfielder Álvaro Meléndez had a goal incorrectly disallowed. And the 0-0 remained until the final whistle of referee Bismark Santiago.

On the last date of the free-for-all, Deportes Tolima is attempting to make it to enter the next round in order to be ranked. As it is, Águilas Doradas has seven performers.

they have a good chance of getting into the second round if they do. They would have to get past América, hope neither added up and that they did better than they did last time, and defeated Medellínby the end of the season.


Tolima:Álvaro Montero; John Narváez, Julián Quiñones, Anderson Angulo, Nilson Castrillón, Jeison Angulo, Juan Ríos, William Parra, Jaminton Campaz, Omar Albornoz, José Ortiz.

DT:Hernán Torres.

Referee:Bismark Santiago.

Bucaramanga:Juan Chaverra; Juan Zuluaga, Andrés Correa, José Cuenú, Fabio Rodríguez; Michel Acosta, Bruno Teliz, Álvaro Meléndez, Andrés Sarmiento, Jonnier Viveros, Brayan Fernández

DT:Luis Fernando Suárez.

Stadium:Manuel Murillo Toro, in Ibagué.

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