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New Ruling in the Didier Luna Case


According to Carolina Rozo, who was the U-17 women's physiotherapist, he acknowledged his responsibility in the lawsuit made towards him.

[one should] “completely and totally repudiate” sexual assault in whatever situation in which it happens

Hospitality industry employee after a preliminary deal with the Attorney General's Office, a factually incorrect charge of sexual assault was settled. with which the Attorney General's Office approved and that Luna's defence sought sanctions

Since he was convicted, he had to serve a term of 28 months (two years and four months). However, however, she would have to pay a bond, which is rather than go to prison.

He was due to hear the verdict on the appeal on Tuesday, and the decision condemned him to a 28-month jail term and a $15 monthly salary

Except to this providence, " comments the court.

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