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Until allegations of xenophobia were made, the manager of Pasto retracted his statements


Alberto Santacruz, manager of the Deportivo Pastounit, has said he was wrong to imply that the Nariño Jorquera has a prejudice towards foreigners.

This all started last on Sunday, BetPlay Leaguedate 17, after the game between sharks and volcanoes, when Santacruz claimed on his social networks that Vivian had made xenophobic remarks about him. However, the head of the organisation often referred to him as "a footballcheat" and it was clear that the Char Júniosos bought championships as well.

However, on the basis of the charge, both the goalkeeper and the captain remained calm, keeping a clear mind.

I have kept quiet until now because I have allowed the results to speak for themselves to do the talking for me.” Meanwhile, I remain calm because I appreciate the value our Country. They will know the facts tomorrow! "

It was just as the manager had said: the next day, the Uruguayan goalkeeper presented proof in a newspaper that his theory was wrong.

For this reason, then, the Deportivo Pastomanager issued a statement and video, conceding there were no xenophobic insults and apologizing to the goalkeeper.

For your information: It might be of interest to you: Medín's permission to watch Deportivo Pereirahas been granted for the game.

Furthermore, he did say, "I express my apologies to the person involved, whose opinion I unfortunately participated in which all Atlético Junior respects, directors, and fans, as well as to the city of Barranquilla, whose only competition is on the playing field. Lastly, I express regret to the family of the Char's, who mistakenly tainted their noble and renowned name with my lack of discretion.

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