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Atlético Nacional just signed a contract to cover Yerson Candelo's role until the year 2023


As the champion of the I-21 League, Atlético Nacionalrevealed a key acquisition in order to keep the team at the top of its league play in the short term as well as to build for the future. Yerson is committed to being at the club for two and a half more years until this deal expires.

"We are delighted to let you know that Ymir Miranda will remain a part of our team through December 2023. And what's more, enjoy 19-point pace, play down low post or on the low-post creativity, as well as above-the-the-rim game versatility and ability "That is when the club got word out through its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Valle has been an important as a wide winger in the Nacional campaign as well as a "long arrow", said his coach. Additionally, he has done commendable work in the First Division and the Copa Libertadores tournaments.

For the 29-year-old me, it was wonderful, as it was now the most enjoyable time in my life, as I had just started to work in the purslane institution.

"I am very thankful and satisfied to be a member of this stunning organization. My goal is to completely and consistently return the confidence and support given to me "On his account, Candelo said

The purslane player hasn't won a league title yet, given he competed in the 2018 Colombia Cup only as a winger. Another of his priorities has been fighting for Libertadores.

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