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The FPC is moving: Jhon Pérez will have a new squad already


Jhon Freddy Pérez, Santander '10' is really close to signing with a new squad in Colombia. Since he had been told that he would not be continuing in Rionegro Águilas, he was understood that for the second six months he would have a deal to strengthen his team. It's about Alianza Petrolera, led by Huberth Bodhert, who brought it to Antioquia cast.

The steering wheel will arrive in the town to sign the contract in the next few days.

The 5 Crosses borne by América de Cali's shot technician. In networks, journalist Ariel Quiceno has assured that charisma is the second. While Jhon Pérezsounded at the beginning of the year to Alianza Petrolera, the negotiations collapsed and finally he signed with the Eagles. The interests were still there and the player wants to play again in his home country, so it would not have been hard to say yes to Barranquilla's cast. It will be official on Monday until it offers medical exams and signs its contract until June 2022.

'Jhon Pérez was initially a new player of the Alianza Petrolera. On Monday they will wait for him to identify his final information in Barrancabermeja, and if necessary, sign,' said ESPN reporter Julián Capera.

Pérez, 32, played with Atlético Bucaramangain eight years, but also with América, Deportivo Caliand Águilas.

Note that Alianza completed the daily process with an anti-record. In the semester, he could not win any league games and was on a negative string since September 2020, when he defeated DIM. Precisely, the campaign of forgetfulness prompted the club to vote to awaken the signatures at an early stage in the second semester.

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