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How To Play Bingo Online & Win Big?

Although it is a game born five centuries ago, Bingo games remains one of the most popular games at non GamStop casinos. This is because playing Bingo is very simple and fun: learning it takes just a few moments, practicing it is never tiring!

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Although it is a game born five centuries ago, Bingo gamesremains one of the most popular games at non GamStop casinos. This is because playing Bingo is very simple and fun: learning it takes just a few moments, practicing it is never tiring!
The peak of popularity of the Bingo game dates back to the period immediately after the Second World War. The game continued to thrive in the decades to come, but with the rise of online bingo it found a new, exciting dimension.
According to many experts, Bingo was born in Italy in 1530, under the name of 'Il Gioco del Lotto d'Italia'. From the sixteenth century onwards, the game has been influenced by many cultures, especially the French (Le Lotto) and the British (responsible for the invention of many variations of Bingo).
But the name Bingo, as we know it today, was invented by the Americans in 1929. Legend has it that Edwin S Lowe, a toy maker from Long Island, first played this game at a country fair in Georgia, where it was called Beano from bean, bean, because beans were used to mark numbers. Lowe fell in love with this pastime so much that he proposed it to his friends: during a game, one of them would have exclaimed 'Bingo!' instead of 'beano!'. From there, the name would stick forever!

Enjoy Online Bingo at Non GamStop Casinos!

If you're looking for the best online bingo out there, you should choose a reliable non GamStop casino. The offshore gamblingsites are the dominant trend now in the UK: where do you find another Bingo that also rewards both triple and quadruple? Or that awards double prizes? That's right - nowhere else! Only non GamStop casinos online rewards not only the player who completes his card, but also who manages to line up two, three or four numbers on the same line. And it offers the possibility of having double prizes.
And that's not all: non GamStop casinos also offer the Jackpot and Progressive Jackpot Bingo Games.
Finally, non GamStop casinos also stand out because nowhere else will you find gaming halls that offer so many prizes in every single Bingo game: they can even reach 10 prizes!

How to Play Bingo Online at Non GamStop Casinos?

Playing Bingo online at non GamStop casinos is very easy. After creating an account - it takes a few moments - you have to choose the room and wait for at least two other playersto join. Another important thing is that no one can buy more than half of the cards in the game.
You can buy a single ticket or multiple tickets, and the maximum number varies from game to game.
In the ticket purchase phase, you will have the option to filter them in order to buy those that contain your favorite or lucky numbers.
Once the game has started, the numbers are drawn. For each number drawn, any correspondents on your tickets are automatically marked. The game goes on assigning prizes and jackpots within a predetermined number of draws.
Which Bingo Variants Are Available at Non GamStop Casinos?
At non GamStop casinos you can find six different online Bingo games, each one has its own name, its own characteristics and its own prizes.
The prizes up for grabs can range from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 10 and generally the live halls remain open all day long.

How Does the Online Bingo Bonus Work?

Non GamStop casinos offers numerous online Bingo bonuses, from the moment you set foot, or rather hand, for the first time in its game rooms. The Bingo Welcome Bonus awarded only once to new registered users.
Non GamStop casinos welcome bonusesare constant over time, but it's not the only offer available on the platform. However, the others may vary according to the period and for this reason it is always advisable to keep an eye on the ‘promotions’ page.

How to Download "Bingo" App for Apple and Android?

You can download non GamStop casinos apps on your iOS or Android device easily, the mobile app allows its users to play when and where they want.
This application, available on all devices, will allow you to make the most of the touch features of your device, giving you the possibility to buy tickets with your lucky numbers and get excited while waiting for the numbers you want to discover. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that online bingo apps are characterized by an attractive and functional interfaces designed to make the experience as fun and engaging as possible.
To download it, simply frame the QRC with your device or download the app from your reference app store (Play Store for Android users, App Store for iOS users). If you are using an Android deviceand it is the first time that you download an application from outside the Android Market, you must follow these instructions:
Go to → Menu → Settings → Applications and check that the checkbox next to "Unknown sources" has been selected, accepting any requests for confirmation.
It is worth noting that most non GamStop casinos apps work on devices running Android™ 5 or higher.
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