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Day has arrived! The time has come! James and two main games to set foot in Everton

The Colombian is the toffee star and viewers want to see him in full.

May 06, 202192175 Shares1355521 Views
After a season of ups and downs at Everton, supporters of Merseyside Blue are excited to see him in action for several months without taking part in the stadium, because of the rigorous biosecurity controls in the UK. James Rodríguez's journey in England begins.
Rodríguez has been praised for his six goals and nine assistance this season, and he played 25 games this season. However, he was still critical of his inconsistent results in certain games and his permanent injuries, which often don't play the straightforward medical role and leave more uncertainties than certainties.
If no four games are held throughout the 20/21 season, the toffees with one fewer games than the others - the match against Aston Villa is ongoing (May 13), still dream of being qualified for European contests, since they will have to win all that they lack to bet on the Champions League, with 52 points, while the Europe League seems to be the closest goal.
So, James Rodríguez must first rebound from his injury to the Aston Villa on 34 and show his standard in the last games of Everton to hit the target and delight fans who will return to the stadium.
The Premier League released a statement to allow the local fans to enter the stage on 17 May, so that the toffee can experience the magic of 19 as Wolverhampton is the host of the Goodison Park on 37 May. At the Etihad, viewers will also be able to see the Colombian in the Premier's last contest, against the Manchester City mayor and virtual champion. The time has come to stop. The refurbishment is continuous and fans want results.
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