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It's official: Juan Cruz Real leaves América de Cali by mutual consent

It's official: Juan Cruz Real leaves América de Cali by mutual consent

04/29/2021 06:35
Roy Smith

América de Cali's three successive loses, two at the Copa Libértadores (Cerro Porteño and Atlético Mineiro), and the first quarterfinals in the BetPlay I League caused coach Juan Cruz Real's departure this Wednesday.

President Mauricio Romero made the official announcement in a video in which he praised Cruz Real for the 15th star and for the job he had accomplished.

"Today a period finishes, but we thank Tulio Gómez for having given us a chance to be in this club," said the Argentinean, who has taken a step away with mutual consent.

América de Cali's three straight loses, two in the Libertadores' Copa (Cerro Porteño and Atlético Mineiro) and the first quarter-final round in the BetPlay 1 League, kicked off coach Juan Cruz Real on Wednesday.

President Mauricio Romero made the official announcement in a video in which he praised Cruz Real for his fifteenth star and his service.

"Today the loop finishes, but we thank the club for Tulio Gómez, who gave us the chance to join this club," Argentina said, who took a step aside with mutual consent.

While Cruz Real won the title at the end of last year, it is unmistakable that he never had any fans' approval. But the biggest shareholder, Tulio Gómez, still believed him and gave him the chance to proceed.

One factor he faces is that he wasn't able to win in 6 games guided in the Copa Libertadores between last season and the current one and was last in 2020 to go to the 16th round of the South American Cup.

As far as coaches are concerned, America has Jersson González, head of the Under 17 squad, who formerly led the emergency professionals, and Andrés Usme, head of the Lesser Divisions and responsible for the women's team.

Jersson will head the team next to physical trainer Roberto Martínez on Saturday

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