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A List Of Soccer Skills - Begin Your Soccer Career With These Fundamental Techniques

Every person who wants to enter the world of sports should have some idea about the sport, right? If you're a beginner in the soccer game, you have to know the list of soccer skills in order to make a step in this big and great career that you are striving for. The list, as this article will discuss, includes everything you need to know about soccer skills. It is more than just a list of skills, it also includes instructions on how to perform them, why they are important, and when you should use them.

This is a helpful resource for soccer skills. It covers all of the basic techniques that every beginner and player should know, as well as the advanced techniques that can be used in specific situations.

Why Soccer Skill Is Important?

Soccer is a sport that necessarily involves a high level of skill. It is also one of the world's most popular sports. The game has been played since the 1800s and has evolved over time to include a wide range of rules, styles, and positions. Soccer is played by two teams of 11 players each.

The goal of soccer is to score more goals than the opposing team. Many skills are required to be successful in soccer, including dribbling, passing, and shooting abilities. These skills can be learned with practice, but some people are born with a natural talent for them, making them stand out from others on their team or even opponents on other teams.

The Skills Every Player Should Master

The basic skills that every player should know are listed below. It is important to be able to shoot, dribble, and pass. These are the abilities that will be used in the game. Technical skills are the next set of abilities that a player should master. This includes understanding how to use your hands, feet, and head for multiple things on the field.

List Of Soccer Skills And An Explanation Of Each

The three fundamental soccer skills which are dribbling, passing and receiving, and shooting
The three fundamental soccer skills which are dribbling, passing and receiving, and shooting

The following is a list of soccer skills and the explanation of each:


The ability to move the ball in any direction with one or both feet. When we are saying "dribbling" we can think of basketball when the ball is bouncing, but it's not just for basketball, it is also the term for soccer. Dribbling in soccer is best accomplished by pushing the ball forward with your laces on either foot. If you're moving quickly, you could use the edge of your toes (instep or outstep) to push the ball ahead of you. You are dribbling if you keep control of the ball while moving.

You get through this drill you can move the cone back about ten or twenty yards if you want then you can extend your touches. And run with the ball faster.

  • Use your fingertips.
  • Keep the ball low. The ball should bounce somewhere between your knee and hip.
  • Be aware of where the ball bounces.
  • Keep your body between your defender and the ball.
  • Look up.
  • Change your speed.
  • Don't stop.
  • Pass the ball.

Passing And Receiving

Place a receiver in one end and two passers, each with a soccer ball, in the other. The activity begins with one pass to the receiver controlling and passing the ball back, followed by moving to assist the other passer in receiving and passing the ball back. It is important that the ball will not be touched by your opponent or else they can get the chance to take away the ball and score a goal.

Remember: Accurate passing and greater ball control are more important for success than high speed, strength, and fitness.


  • Look at the target.
  • Come up to the ball.
  • Plant and support position, or non-kicking foot (the toe of the non-kicking foot should be pointed in the direction the player wants the ball to go).
  • Hold your head steady and look at the ball.
  • With a locked ankle, make contact with the correct area of the ball.
  • Toes are pointed down and contact is made on the top of the foot for instep and outside of foot passes.
  • Toes are pointed up for the inside of the foot pass.
  • Kick "through the ball," then follow through toward the target.
  • Move the weight forward.


  • Keep your eye on the ball.
  • Choose which foot to receive the ball with (this may depend on the location of the defender).
  • Receive the ball with one foot with the toe pointed up (ankle locked).
  • Don’t stop the ball. Instead, prepare it for the next action: sho0t, dribble, pass or play away from pressure.


Shooting is the act of striking the ball with the intent of scoring a goal in soccer. It is typically done with the feet or the head. A shot on target, also known as a shot on goal, is a shot that enters or would have entered the goal if it had not been blocked by the goalkeeper or another defensive player.

  • Look up before kicking the ball.
  • Keep your eye on the ball.
  • Run towards the ball with even strides.
  • Plant your non-kicking foot next to the ball.
  • Bring your kicking leg back as far as possible.
  • Hold your ankle in place.
  • Stand straight as you kick.
  • Target the middle of the ball.
  • Strike the ball with the laces of your shoe for a more powerful shot.
  • Kick the ball with the side of your foot for a more accurate shot.
  • Follow through with your kicking leg.

How To Improve Your Soccer Skills Through Training

A soccer player is someone who can manipulate the ball and other players in the game of soccer. Soccer skills are not automatic, and players must train to improve even if they already think that they can do it.

It is important to train in a different way in order to improve one's soccer skills. Playing games with others or practicing alone can be used to train and master the basics.


If you are striving in this sport, you must follow every set of basic skills in order to become one of the best players in town or even the world! You have to start on the basics, we've tackled the list of soccer skills (basics). These are all skills that must be practiced on a regular basis in order to improve.

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