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Martin Cabello - Controversies, Conspiracies And More

Martin Cabello III has a huge following on Instagram. Almost 500,000 people follow him on Twitter for diet tips and explanations of his Cabelloism religion. On Twitter, he has 25,800 followers, and on TikTok, he has 1.2 million. Cabello has claimed on his Instagram account that some of his South Hill neighbors, the neighborhood's homeowners association, law enforcement, and others are complicit in covering up and partaking in a sex-trafficking network.

Education, Work History, And Mental Health

Martin was raised in the United States' northwestern states. He allegedly did not seek a college education after graduating from a local high school and instead joined the US military. Martin is presently residing in South Hill, Washington State, a region known for sex trafficking and a foster care system in distress.

He helped sexually molested minors and drug mules as part of the Catholic Community Services. Martin characterized his occupation as risky and accused government authorities of sex trafficking. Martin has been diagnosed with autism, Asperger's syndrome, savant syndrome, OCD, and synesthesia, with some admirers suggesting he may even have schizophrenia.

Career As A Vlogger

Martin started using Twitter in May 2014 and sent his first tweet on November 23, 2017; he was also active on Instagram. He posted brief videos on his account in which he discussed physics, mental health, and religion, among other issues. He also began uploading images and videos of his fitness improvement while on a weight-loss program. Before his account was shut down in August 2019, Martin had around 15,000 posts and was followed by about 12,000 individuals. He quickly created a second account, '@anonguides,' which was quickly deleted as well. Martin started his newest Instagram account, '@ti me to mas so I exist,' on September 21, 2019, with almost 500,000 followers and over 6,000 posts.

Controversies And Conspiracy

Martin has often criticized the US military in his films, stating that it is involved in a variety of unlawful operations such as people trafficking, drug trading, and eavesdropping on civilians. He frequently shows himself eating raw non-vegan items such as eggs, meat, and insects, saying that these meals help him lose weight and improve his immune system. He also tried to eat the venom of bees and wasps but developed an adverse response. He also argues that sugar directly harms the brain, which adds to his divisive culinary ideas.

Martin frequently posts photos of himself holding a functional light bulb to his Twitter account. In these photographs, he attempts to impersonate a Catholic saint, which is frowned upon by pious Christians.

In his videos and live streams, he frequently mentions his pal Josh Powell. Powell attempted to murder his two boys with a hatchet in February 2012, before setting fire to his own house, killing himself and his sons. He was also discovered to be accountable for his wife, Susan Cox, who has been missing since December 7, 2009. Martin feels Powell is innocent and that the entire case was staged by the military. He also claims to have been good friends with Powell and that he could never have done what he was accused of.

Many residents in his area have complained about receiving death threats and being harassed by his supporters, and some have even moved away in response to Martin's allegations that they are participating in sex trafficking. Because of his bizarre views and behavior, some of Martin's supporters believe he is not autistic and is instead playing a character for comic purposes. Some of his fans believe that his online persona was created by the company that sponsors him, Genetic Protocol.

Love Life And Wife

Martin claims that he met his wife, Heather while serving in the military. He has also stated that she was caring for him during his meltdown and that she was the one who made the initial approach. Some speculate that Heather may be autistic as well, but neither she nor Martin has verified this. They have no children.

Hobbies And Interesting Facts

  • Martin and his wife own a puppy named Sofia.
  • In his videos, he frequently utilizes a plush Ernie from "Sesame Street" as a prop. He also wears the Cookie Monster costume from "Sesame Street" on occasion.
  • Martin once suffered a significant brain injury from which he recovered completely.
  • His arms and hands are covered with tattoos.

People Also Ask

Who Was Martin Cabello?

Martin Cabello is a social media influencer from the United States who is well-known on Instagram. Despite an early start on Twitter, he only became well-known after he began posting selfies on Instagram. His amazing appearance and assured screen presence gave him the impression of a model, and he quickly amassed a following of thousands who eagerly awaited his images.

What Does Martin Cabello Suffer From?

Cabello's followers have sent comments thanking him for his regular updates and candidness regarding his autism, which he claims to have.

Who Is The Wife Of Martin Cabello?

Heather J. Cabello, his wife, is his life partner. She also featured on her husband's Instagram account multiple times. Furthermore, the couple does not have any children at this time.


Some of Martin's admirers believe that he is not autistic because of his strange ideas and conduct and that he is instead playing a character for comedy purposes. Some of his followers believe that his online identity was established by the corporation that sponsors him, Genetic Protocol.

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