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Dowered the new dates for the ultimate and final match of the league


The world was put into turmoil as a result of the current political crisis, and a few games had to be rescheduled for this year's major league schedule to be modified.

During the semifinal round, the games will take place between May 15 and 16, while the return obligations are set to play May 22 and 23.

However, the championship final will be contested on the first weekend of June, with the first leg on the 19th and the grand final weekend on the 30th of that month, from the perspective of where the UEFA matches are held.

First leg semifinal: Weekend of May 15 - 16. Semi-final round: Weekend of May 22 - 23. One-way end: Weekend of May 29 - 30. Final round: Weekend of June 4.

A semi-final and final date for the BetPlay tournament will be set as follows: Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13, all starting at eight o'clock EST/CT and ending at two o' PM. A six-day long handout for the end of the course will occur on the weekends of May 15-16 and 22-23.

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The championship series will be contested over the course of two semesters, from May 26 to 30 and from 29 to 31st, respectively.

BetPlay DIMAYOR I-2021 Tournament

Date 6 Semifinals Home Runs: May 12 - 13. One way end: Weekend of May 15 - 16. Final round: Weekend of May 22 - 23. First leg grand finale: May 26 - 27. Grand final round: Weekend of May 29 - 30. First leg repechage: June 2 - 3. Repechage round: Weekend of June 5-6.

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