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Pick 4 Horse Racing - How It Works


Pick 4 horse racing is an exciting betting option that offers bettors the opportunity to predict the winners of four consecutive horse races.

It requires skill, strategy, and a keen understanding of the sport. With the Pick 4 wager, players must correctly select the winning horses in each of the four designated races.

This popular betting format provides a chance to win significant payouts with a relatively small investment.

Whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to horse racing, mastering the art of Pick 4 betting can add an extra level of thrill and potential profit to your horse racing experience.

How Pick 4 Bets Work

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Pick 4 bets in horse racing are a type of exotic wager where bettors must select the winners of four consecutive races. Here's how Pick 4 bets work:

  • Selecting Four Winners - Bettors must choose the winning horse for each of the four designated races. The races can be from the same track or different tracks, depending on the betting options available.
  • Single or Multiple Horses - Bettors can choose to pick a single horse in each race or select multiple horses in each race, increasing their chances of winning but also raising the cost of the bet.
  • Cost Calculation - The cost of a Pick 4 bet is determined by the number of possible combinations. For example, if you select one horse in each race, the cost would be 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 = 1. However, if you select two horses in each race, the cost would be 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16.
  • Payouts - The payout for a winning Pick 4 bet can be substantial, especially if the selected horses have high odds. The total pool of money wagered by all bettors is divided among those who correctly picked the four winners, with larger payouts going to those who selected longshot horses.
  • Rolling and Carryover - In some cases, if no bettors correctly pick all four winners, the pool can carry over to the next racing day, creating a Pick 4 carryover. This can lead to even larger payouts in subsequent races.

Pick 4 bets require skill and luck, as selecting four consecutive winners is no easy task. However, for those who enjoy the challenge and potential rewards, Pick 4 bets offer an exciting and potentially lucrative betting opportunity in horse racing.

Odds For The Pick 4 Horse Racing Bet

The choose 4 bet is effectively a four-win accumulator. This implies that the odds for this sort of bet will be much greater than the chances for an individual win bet.

The odds for each individual pick 4 bet may vary depending on your choices as well as the bookmaker you choose, but the rewards should be rather appealing in most circumstances.

Even if you bet on four favorites, you should expect to win roughly a dozen times your investment, but this is just an estimate.

When making a choose 4 bet, the primary thing to look for is an online betting site with high odds, since this will have a huge influence on your bottom line.

How To Play the Pick-4

Profitable And Unprofitable Pick 4 Wagering Scenarios

The Pick 4 is most likely to provide a profit if you are able to pick out weak favorites in the first two legs. Bettors tend to overbet Pick 4 combinations that include favorites in the first two legs because they want to be in the game after the first leg.

If one of your value plays can defeat the favorite in the first two legs of the Pick 4, you're off to a strong start.

The highest payouts in a Pick 4 come when no betting favorites win any of the races, but even second-favorites winning with medium-priced horses may result in a healthy profit.

There will be a significant overpayment for combinations of moderately priced winners. When two of the four Pick 4 races look to be wide open and lack significant favorites, the payouts might be substantial.

Even when favorites win several races in a Pick 4, the payouts may still be rather large on occasion. If you had wagered $64 on two sensible horses in two races and all the horses in the other two wide-open races at the 2004 Breeders' Cup, you would have won $23,395.60.

Payouts are larger than usual since the Breeders' Cup is the largest betting day of the year, the pools are enormous, and the handicapping is as difficult as it gets, but you get the idea. It is not prohibitively costly nor unrealistic to play a couple of singles in the Pick 4 with all the horses in the remaining two legs.

The Pick 4 is most appealing when you have a strong preference for four horses that you think the public will overlook, or when you have a strong preference for four horses that you think the public will overbet.

An strong betting opportunity exists in the Pick 4 for those who prefer long shots to win two or three of the races. Now all you have to do is set up your wager such that you make the most money possible if your top choices win.

Pick 4 Horse Racing Bet Rules

  • The Pick-4 pari-mutuel pool is not a parlay and has no relationship or relevance to any other pari-mutuel pool run by the association, any win, place, and show pool shown on the totalisator board, or the regulations controlling the distribution of such other pools.
  • A valid Pick-4 ticket shall be proof of a contractual contract between the bearer of the ticket and the racing organization, and acceptance of Pick-4 terms and regulations shall be deemed to have occurred.
  • The Pick-4 pari-mutuel pool consists of money given for a pick to win only in four consecutive races specified by the organization with Kentucky State Racing Commission permission. Each customer who purchases a Pick-4 ticket must choose the winning horse in each of the four races that comprise the Pick-4.
  • Horses forming an entry of coupled horses or horses coupled to comprise the field in a Pick-4 race must run as a single wagering interest for the purposes of Pick-4 pari-mutuel pool computations and public payments. If any portion of an entry or the field racing as a single interest is a starter in a race, the entry or the field selection remains as the designated selection to win in that race for the Pick-4 computation, and the selection is not considered scratched.
  • The net amount in the pari-mutuel pool subject to distribution among winning ticket holders shall be dispersed among the holders of tickets that correctly identify the winners in all four Pick-4 races.
  • If no ticket combining the four Pick-4 winners is sold, the net amount in the pari-mutuel pool must be dispersed among the holders of tickets including the winners of at least three of the four Pick-4 races.
  • If no ticket containing at least three Pick-4 winners is sold, the net amount in the pari-mutuel pool must be dispersed among the holders of tickets containing at least two of the four races forming the Pick-4.
  • If no ticket containing at least two Pick-4 wins is sold, the net amount in the pari-mutuel pool must be dispersed among the holders of tickets containing the winner of any one of the Pick-4 races.
  • If no ticket is sold that would necessitate the allocation of the Pick-4 pool to a winner under this regulation, the association must return the Pick-4 pool in full.
  • If one or more of the Pick-4 races are canceled for any reason, the net amount of the pari-mutuel pool is allocated as specified in subsections (6), (7), (8), and (9).
  • If three or more of the Pick-4 races are canceled for whatever reason, the Pick-4 pool will be refunded in full.
  • If the condition of the turf course necessitates a change in the racing surface in any leg(s) of the Pick-4, and such change has not been disclosed to the public prior to the "off time" of the first leg of the Pick-4, the stewards shall declare the changed leg(s) a "all win" race for Pick-4 wagering purposes only. In a "all win" race, the winner is assigned to each Pick-4 ticket holder as their option for that race.
  • If a Pick-4 ticket designates a selection in any one or more Pick-4 races and that selection is scratched, excused, or determined by the Stewards to be a non-starter in that race, the actual favorite, as evidenced by the amounts wagered in the race's final win pool, will be substituted for the non-starting selection for all purposes, including pool calculations and payoffs. If the win pool totals of two or more favorites are similar, the betting interest with the lowest program number shall be the replacement pick.
  • In the case of a dead heat for first place between two or more horses in any Pick-4 race, all horses in the dead heat for first place will be deemed winning horses in the race for the purposes of computing the pool.
  • Except for refunds on Pick-4 tickets as required by this rule, no pari-mutuel ticket for the Pick-4 may be sold, exchanged, or cancelled after the close of betting in the first of the four races constituting the Pick-4.

People Also Ask

How Much Does A Pick 4 Bet Cost?

The cost of a Pick 4 bet depends on the number of combinations selected. The more horses included in each leg, the higher the cost. Each combination is multiplied by the base wager amount, typically $1, to calculate the total cost of the bet.

Can You Box Horses In A Pick 4 Bet?

Yes, it is possible to box horses in a Pick 4 bet. Boxing allows the selected horses to finish in any order in their respective races. However, boxing increases the number of combinations and, subsequently, the cost of the bet.

What Happens If There Is A Scratch In A Pick 4 Bet?

If there is a scratch (a horse that is withdrawn from the race) in a Pick 4 bet, the bettor will receive the post-time favorite (the horse with the lowest odds) as a substitute, unless they specify an alternate selection or request a refund before the race begins.

Is It Possible To Cash Out A Winning Pick 4 Ticket Before All Races Are Completed?

No, it is generally not possible to cash out a winning Pick 4 ticket before all races are completed. The payout is determined based on the official results of all four races included in the bet. Bettors must wait until the final race is finished to collect their winnings.

Final Thoughts

Pick 4 horse racing offers an enticing betting opportunity for both experienced bettors and newcomers to the sport. With the chance to predict the winners of four consecutive races, this wager requires skill, strategy, and a deep understanding of horse racing. By considering key factors such as race conditions, horse form, jockey performance, and track conditions, bettors can enhance their chances of making successful picks.

Additionally, utilizing popular betting systems and methods can further improve your Pick 4 betting skills. Whether you're aiming for a big payout or simply seeking an exciting betting experience, Pick 4 horse racing can provide endless thrills and potential rewards. So, dive into the world of Pick 4 betting and enjoy the excitement and challenges it brings to the world of horse racing.

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