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Rashford Receives Support Amidst Scholes's Scathing Critique Of Manchester United's Performance

In the aftermath of Manchester United's disappointing 1-0 defeat to Newcastle, Marcus Rashford receives support amidst Scholes's scathing critique of Manchester United's performance.

Dec 04, 2023576 Shares57573 Views
In the aftermath of Manchester United's disappointing 1-0 defeat to Newcastle, Marcus Rashford receives support amidst Scholes's scathing critique of Manchester United's performance.
Rashford, substituted after 61 minutes, has faced criticism for his recent performances, with just two goals in 18 games this season compared to his impressive tally of 30 goals last year.

Scholes's Scathing Critique: United's Poor Performance

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes did not hold back in criticizing Erik ten Hag's team following their defeat to Newcastle.
Scholes expressed profound disappointment with the team's display, branding their performanceas 'rubbish' and highlighting issues of consistency and laziness.
Scholes, known for his straightforward opinions, targeted specific players, including Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes.
He accused Rashford of causing more harm than good and questioned his reaction to being substituted.
Scholes also criticized Fernandes for lacking a defined position, which, according to him, disrupts the team's formation and style of play.

Signs Of Discontent And Defensive Lapses

Former player and pundit Jermaine Jenas supported Scholes's critique, suggesting signs of discontent within the squad.
Jenas observed body language indicating players' unhappiness with tactics and positions on the pitch, particularly highlighting Marcus Rashford's dissatisfaction with his role.
The defeat to Newcastle exposed defensive vulnerabilities, with Anthony Martial's failure to track back drawing criticism.
Both Scholes and Jenas emphasized concerns about the team's discipline and defensive responsibilities, indicating potential internal issues affecting on-field performances.
Rashford is struggling in front of goal
Rashford is struggling in front of goal

Ten Hag's Response And Future Challenges

Erik ten Hag acknowledged Newcastle's credit for the victory and admitted his team's shortcomings. Despite praising the opponent, he highlighted missed opportunities and pledged to discuss the reasons for the defeat with the team.
I know this issue is coming up, and Marcus is investing a lot. We support him, and he will return to his form. He works hard and is investing a lot. He will get back; he will recover, and he gets all our support.- Erik ten Hag
They were more proactive and we had to go behind to go back. We allowed them one goal and in the end we fought back. We had two good opportunities but we couldn't take a point from there.- Erik ten Hag
I will talk with my team about the reasons but we have to do better and, as I said, I am sure they will pick this up, I am sure they are resilient and they have the character to do this.- Erik ten Hag
Manchester United's struggles extend beyond the Premier League, with a recent 3-3 draw against Galatasaray in the Champions League.
Ten Hag's team faces a challenging path in the Champions League, currently sitting at the bottom of Group A and needing a significant turnaround to progress to the knockout stages.
Scholes and Jenas' observation of the alleged discontent within the squad raises questions about the team's cohesion and adherence to strategy.
Ten Hag, known for his disciplinarian approach, may face challenges in maintaining control and respect from the players, especially if dissatisfaction continues to manifest on the field.

Final Words

Manchester United, once synonymous with success, finds itself in a challenging period, both on and off the pitch.
As the team navigates through a series of setbacks, the resilience and character mentioned by Ten Hag will be tested, and solutions must be found to address internal issues affecting their performance.
The road to recovery appears steep, requiring concerted efforts from players, coaching staff, and management alike.
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