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Spurs Get Budding Talent From Warriors In Jakob Poeltl Trade And They Set To Build The Best NBA Team For The Next Season


The San Antonio Spurs are brazen about the fact that they intend to demolish everything and start over, choosing to go winless throughout the 2022–23 NBA season.

Spurs get budding talent from warriors in Jakob Poeltl trade and they could easily get one of the best teams in NBA. But others teams are still in the run.

Who Is Running To Sign The Best Warriors Player?

The Utah Jazz, who recently traded three-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert to Minnesota for a huge haul of picks and players, would be one team that would be interested in signing Poeltl.

Poeltl has always struck me as a less fortunate Gobert. He doesn't defend at the same level as you do, but he has a similar attacking style and is unquestionably a better rim protector.

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While the idea that Poeltl would want the same price as Gobert is absurd, the Jazz have the financial means to make it happen.

To make it work, the Spurs would need to sign a pricey contract, or at least one that is equal to Jakob's.

The Jazz would only make a transaction like this if they thought they could compete. Although I don't believe that is impossible given the presence of Donovan Mitchell.

San Antonio would receive less draft capital as a result of the first transaction, but they would have cash available as early as next season.

By removing Patrick Beverley from Utah's hands, the Jazz will be able to make an offer to a middle-tier free agent this summer and bring Jakob to the fold, securing the paint and allowing Mitchell to run the pick-and-roll.

In exchange, the Spurs receive a second first-round pick in the stacked draft of the following year and secure the services of a season-long point guard who will no doubt serve as an excellent role model for Tre Jones and Josh Primo.

Utah would improve right away, and San Antonio could keep stockpiling picks.

The second deal makes it less likely that San Antonio will sign a long-term free agent, but it also gives them the opportunity to acquire more picks because the Timberwolves are now fully committed, meaning that the picks in 2025 should succeed.

Due to Rudy Gay's two-season contract, the Spurs would have to pay $6 million annually to re-sign the seasoned veteran.

When supporters wanted to win, Gay was a liability on the team. Now that the tank is in full force, why not?

Gay served as a valuable reserve for the Jazz last season, but with the arrival of Jarred Vanderbilt from Minnesota, I believe the Jazz have improved at small forward and can afford to let Gay go.

Poeltl's asking price of two firsts is high, so if the Spurs receive an offer similar to this, they ought to jump at it.

Rudy Gobbert playing for Utah Jazz
Rudy Gobbert playing for Utah Jazz

Rudy Gay might not replace Keldon Johnson as frequently as he did two years ago, but if the team is determined to lose, this is also not the worst-case scenario.

If the Spurs are given any draft picks in exchange for Poeltl, they ought to accept them. After Gobert was traded away, Poeltl is in high demand as a defensive stopper around the league.

Golden State's Injury Issues Might Solve The Trade

If the Spurs and Warriors went through with a deal like this, it would almost certainly require other San Antonio-based items.

Although Poeltl is a top-notch defender, the Warriors' team depends on spacing and 3-point shooting, and his lack of perimeter talents isn't a good fit for them.

Due to the possibility of future injury issues, Wiseman would be a more desirable trade target for Golden State.

To make this a more plausible scenario, though, Poeltl and other San Antonio win-now players would be required.

People Also Ask

Did The Spurs Trade Anybody?

In June, the San Antonio Spurs made one of the biggest trades of the summer with the Atlanta Hawks.

In exchange for future draft picks, Danilo Gallinari, who was later let go, and All-Star guard Dejounte Murray, the Spurs sent the Hawks future draft picks, Gallinari, and Murray.

Did The San Antonio Spurs Make Any Trades?

The Memphis Grizzlies gave the San Antonio Spurs Kennedy Chandler's draft rights in exchange for a second-round pick and cash. This news came out today.

What Picks Do The Spurs Have In 2022?

The San Antonio Spurs have made their selections for the 2022 NBA Draft official.

They have chosen center Jeremy Sochan with the ninth overall pick, guard Malaki Branham with the 20th overall pick, and guard Blake Wesley with the 25th overall pick.


The Jazz, on the other hand, make sense as a suitor because they still believe they can make some noise, and bringing Poeltl into the team might be the way to achieve that.

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