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America: A staff capable of supporting Juan Carlos Osorio

Scarlet hopes for a decision to be made shortly.

May 04, 20213064 Shares340441 Views
Juan Carlos is anticipating the completion of the deal, in order to be designated as the team's next coach. He's also set to get a well-compensated contract from the club's board of directors.
In the same way, his involvement with BlackMagic Design means that the technical support will be along for the ride. People in his entourage will be Alexis Hénczy, who acts as his chief advisor. The technique of the Risaraldense coach, however, will spread through the news program "Present."
When RCN Radio confirmed this, it was discovered that América de Cali would be looking to include two former teammates of Osorio, footballer Alexander Mejia, and sports commentator Daniel Bocane, it became clear in the RCN Television segment that they would be crucial in the upcoming play-off for Atlético Nacional. On the ice, they will be replaced by a name to be unveiled.
In any case, Juan Carlos Osoriohas said it is very likely he will take charge of América. In terms of the deal, the strategist could be difficult to secure a signature before the problems inside the contract are addressed, which will result in him joining the Copa Libertadores team.
It's important to note that the individual born in Santa Rosa de Cabal granted a substantial pay cut relative to the American executives' proposals.
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