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Millionaires, to imitate what Junior, Nacional and Santa Fe have done


Millonarios have defeated the reigning Colombian professional soccerchampion, América de Cali, in the quarterfinals of the BetPlay League. The Bogota squad was not the first to defeat the competition's existing champion.

As brief tournaments were played in 2002, and only three of the teams were eliminated directly, leaving Junior de Barranquilla, Atlético Nacional, and Independiente Santa Fe, the previous champion of the contest.

A total of 37 leagues were played in the new format, 13 of whom were identified with fourth, semi-final, and final keys. There are 12 teams, with the National winner of this age becoming 9. Winners.

At the final tournament in 2009, Colombia's Independiente Medellín, lead by the team's top scorer, Jackson Martínez and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, proved their consistency on the courts in the world.

For the I-2010, Barranquilla's junior stole his title. The Antioquia squad was second in all, while Diego Edison Umaña's leaders placed seventh.

After beating Medellín in the final, Deportivo Califinished ninth on Apertura 2015. The glory came from a squad headed by Fernando 'Pecoso' Castro and playerslike Andrés Pérez, Andrés Roa or Rafael Santos Borré. They will face Nacional for the next tournament and a smaller payroll.

The squad from Purslane placed first in the normal process for the second tournament of the year, while Valle del Cauca ranked seventh. The duel between the two teams in the quarterfinals was one of the most compelling. After the first goalless draw, Reinaldo Rueda's menreturned in the 3-1 series.

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