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Weird Football Matches In History - A Football Game To Remember

Football matches last 90 minutes, which makes it the "beautiful game" because anything can happen. However, there have been some weird football matches throughout history. Lets see some of them.

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Footballmatches last 90 minutes, which makes it a "beautiful game" because anything can happen. However, there have been some weird football matchesthroughout history.

Weird Football Matches In History

Over the years, we've witnessed it all, from incredible comebacks with a few minutes left to underdogs winning the championship to heartbreaking defeats.
However, as with any footballgame, certain things can happen that can make the match memorable not for the football, but rather for the controversies and the particular events that take place on and off the field.

Iraq Vs. France (1982)

During the group stages of Spain '82, there may have been the strangest World Cup incident ever.
Kuwait, who was competing in their first and only World Cup to date, got things going by drawing 1-1 with Czechoslovakia. After that, they continued on to their second tournament game against France.
On June 21, 1982, with France leading 3-1, a peculiar moment occurred. Alain Giresse scored to make it 4-1, but the Kuwaiti defenders had all apparently stopped playing after hearing what they believed to be the referee's whistle.
The playersprotested, but to no avail; referee Miroslav Stupar maintained his position. The Kuwaiti FA's president, Prince Fahid, then came onto the field and yelled for the goal to be ruled invalid.
The Prince gave his players the go-ahead to leave the field before the referee capitulated to the pressure and disallowed the goal, bringing the score back to 3-1.
When Maxime Bossis legitimately scored France's fourth goal in the 89th minute, this strange incident had no bearing on the outcome of the game.
Following the incident, Kuwait's brief World Cup run came to an end when they were defeated 1-0 by England in the following match, with Prince Fahid receiving a fine and Miroslav Stupar receiving a refereeing ban.

Basanga Vs. Bena Tshadi (1998)

This strange and tragic incident reportedly took place in the Kasai province in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in October 1998.
A fork lightning bolt reportedly struck the field with the scores tied at 1-1 and instantly killed all eleven Bena Tshadi players. Players from the visiting Basanga team were unharmed, but an additional 30 people required burn treatment as a result of the incident.
Locals began to blame witchcraft and a curse for the deaths, but there is little information available about the incident.
When this incident occurred, the entire DRC was engulfed in civil war, and the only report that was available was from the Kinshasa daily newspaper L'Avenir.
Although the report has never been officially confirmed or denied, if it is accurate, it would rank among the strangest incidents in the history of football.

Naftan Vs. Vitebsk (2008)

Top-tier international referee Sergei Shmolik started officiating in 1993 and even officiated a friendly between England and Luxembourg at Wembley in 1999. He had a good standing in the industry and was even recognized as Belarus' top official in 2007.
After a strange incident in which he was in charge of a footballgame while intoxicated in July 2008, his officiating career came to an end the following year.
When Shmolik began acting strangely, he was officiating a game in the Belarusian Premier League between Vitebsk and Naftan.
The referee appeared to have a back issue that was preventing him from moving around normally as the second half began.
Everyone in the vicinity of the scene became aware that there might be more going on here than just an injury when he began to whistle erratically and make odd movements.
Shmolik was hardly moving as the game came to a close and had presided over the majority of the second half from the center circle. After the game ended in a 1-1 draw, he began waving to fans as he was led off the field. He had a hard time getting to his feet, though.
After the game, tests at the hospital revealed that his blood alcohol level was high, and the 43-year-old was permanently barred from the refereeing profession.

Arsenal Vs. Dynamo Moscow (1945)

A friendly game between Arsenal and Dynamo Moscowat White Hart Lane in 1945 was intended to be merely an exhibition, but it ended up being one of the strangest matches ever played.
The players asked for the game to be stopped because of the vision problems brought on by the dense fog.
However, the referee had other ideas and insisted that play continue. As a result, both parties broke the law and did whatever they pleased to achieve their goals.
The Russian team made a substitution without having the original player leave the field. There were even rumors that there were 15 players on the field simultaneously at one point. Not to be outdone, the English team would also break the rules of the game.
First of all, after a player was dismissed from the game, he later returned to it without the referee noticing.
After that, it was said that a fan replaced their goalkeeper, who had fallen unconscious after running into a post.
Dynamo Moscow eventually prevailed 4-3 to seal the victory. The outcome wasn't all that important, but the game has gained more notoriety than anyone could have foreseen.
Old football ball on top of the leaves
Old football ball on top of the leaves

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What Is The Most Iconic Football Match?

  • West Germany 3-2 Hungary (1954) World Cup final.
  • Liverpool - Alavés 5-4 (2001) UEFA Cup final.
  • England 3-6 Hungary (1953) Friendly game.
  • Holland 2-1 Argentina (1998) World Cup quarterfinals.
  • Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal (1989) English championship decider.

What Is The Most Intense Football Match?

Hungary vs. West Germany: 3-2 (1954 WC Final) The 1954 World Cup Final, dubbed "The Miracle of Berne," stands as the biggest upset in footballhistory. The evidence was overwhelming in favor of a David-Goliath mismatch.
Allianz arena stadium in munich
Allianz arena stadium in munich

What Was The Most Exciting Football Match?

The game between Brazil and Uruguay was one of the greatest matches in footballhistory. It was the final game of the 1950 FIFAWorld Cup's final group stage.


So, you can see that footballis a crazy old game. Some of these occurrences seem too bizarre to be true. But as the saying goes, "fact can be stranger than fiction," and in the case of our list of weird footballmatches, that is unquestionably true.
You can also see other weird and bizarre storiesin The Hook Site, where you can find the most crazy stories on internet.
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