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What Messi's MLS, Apple, Adidas Deal Means For Everyone Else


Lionel Messi is a global superstar. Widely known and celebrated in the world of football, his name is recognised by footballenthusiasts and non-fans alike. Messi recently transferred from PSG to MLS, often referred to as the G.O.A.T by his admirers. Given the widespread speculations surrounding the transfer, this move did not surprise many. However, some wondered why he didn't return to his beloved Barcelona.

After the deal was finalised, Messi announced his move to the United States, sparking what has come to be known as the "Messi Effect." The announcement resulted in a swift surge in social media followers for Inter Miami. Furthermore, tickets for future matches sold out in mere minutes as fans eagerly awaited his debut in the US. Interestingly, this surge occurred even before his official contract signing. But the "Messi Effect" didn't end there. Jorge Mas, the managing owner of Inter Miami, stated that the first match, scheduled for July 21, 2023, had completely sold out. Due to increased demand, the stadium's capacity is set to expand from 19,000 to over 21,500 seats.

What Happened to Messi before the MLS Deal

Lionel Messi's illustrious footballjourney has been nothing short of a gripping novel, filled with high drama, unexpected turns, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His deep-rooted association with Barcelona painted a narrative that many believed would see its climax at Camp Nou. Yet, like the most compelling stories, Messi’s career was punctuated with a twist that few saw coming. When Messi donned the Blaugrana jersey, he didn't just play; he wove magic with his feet, creating symphonies on the pitch that resonated with footballenthusiasts around the globe. His departure from Barcelona was not just a transfer but the end of an era.

The footballworld watched with bated breath as PSG penned a saga of their own, creating a dream team with:

  • Messi
  • Neymar
  • Mbappe

Yet, every narrative, no matter how grand, faces its hurdles. As PSG and Messi parted ways, the whispers of his next destination grew louder.

Saudi Arabia, a nation which had already extended its admiration for Messi beyond the pitch, emerged as a likely suitor. His unscripted detour to the desert kingdom, against PSG's wishes, added further intrigue. Was Messi set to trade the European arenas for the grandeur of Saudi stadiums? While the idea of him returning to the embracing arms of Barcelona had its romance, the hard reality of finances seemed to overshadow this dreamy possibility.

Then, the curveball: Inter Miami, a nascent club but with a brand associated with the footballing royalty of David Beckham. The possibility seemed remote, almost far-fetched. Yet, Messi's own words hinted at this unexpected alliance. As we follow Messi's journey, one thing is clear: in the theatre of football, Messi remains its most captivating act, ensuring that the world remains hooked to every twist and turn of his unparalleled journey.

Aside from these deals, Messi is familiar with the casinoworld. In 2021, he signed an ambassadorship deal with Hard Rock International (HRI), becoming the first athlete to partner with the casinofirm. Depending on your risk appetite, with the inclusion of bonuses, such as the $200 free chip, you can have a fun experience with casino games like footballplayersor other celebrities do.

What Did the Deal Entail?

With Messi's signing came numerous questions. People wondered about his salary, bonuses, promotions, and more. There was also curiosity about how the contract would affect the club, sponsors, and partners. The deal needed to be substantial for Messi. Before this contract, Forbes Magazinelisted him as the second highest-paid athlete in the world, earning over $129 million.

Official reports suggest that Messi will earn close to $60 million annually, including his salary. In addition, he's been granted an ownership stake in Inter Miami and a significant signing bonus. This contract spans from July 1, 2023, to December 2025. Further cementing his ties to the club, it's believed Messi will not be permitted to be loaned out during the off-season, meaning a return to Barcelona for a match is unlikely.

The Deal With Apple

In a conversation with The Athletic, Major League Soccer's commissioner, Don Garber, did not mince his words. He emphasised the league's unwavering commitment to aiding Inter Miami in pursuing a player he regards as the sport's crowning jewel. Rumblings from various quarters suggest an intriguing clause in Messi's contract, echoing a chapter from David Beckham's playbook during his stint with LA Galaxy. This clause would grant Messi the privilege of obtaining ownership stakes in an MLS franchise upon hanging up his boots.

But there's another colossal player on this chessboard: Apple. The tech behemoth, fresh off a superb sports rights acquisition, inked a decade-long partnership with MLS to air all matches on its Apple TV platform. Messi's arrival isn't just a boon for soccerenthusiasts but is a strategic move for Apple's streaming service, which has just embarked on its ten-year, $2.5 billion broadcasting odyssey.

And the cherry on top? Reports suggest that Messi could pocket a slice of the revenue pie from new Apple streaming subscribers. While MLS season ticket holders bask in complimentary access, others would need to shell out monthly or annual fees, positioning Messi as a player and a potential revenue catalyst. Apple TV+ also plans to shine the spotlight squarely on Messi, teasing fans with a four-part docuseries on the maestro. As the plot unfolds, one thing is evident: the world of soccer and streaming is set for a seismic shift.

The Deal With Adidas

Adidas, synonymous with Messi since their alliance began in 2006, has always seen the footballgenius as a marquee athlete, culminating in a lifelong pact in 2017. Moreover, Adidas isn't a spectator in the Major League Soccer theatre. Since 1996, they've been the force behind the attire of every MLS club. Interestingly, while Messi's heart might have belonged to Adidas off the field, on it, he's always been draped in Nike. So, the anticipation of seeing the legend exclusively in Adidas gearon the pitch is certainly a feather in the German company's cap. Inside sources hint at an even more nuanced layer to Messi's Inter Miami contract. A clause that ties the fate of Adidas sales directly to the star. The specifics? Given Messi's MLS entry, a share of the earnings from every jersey sold is expected to soar.

Reflecting on his PSG switch offers a glimpse into the potential windfall. Jersey sales for the French club in the 2021/22 season skyrocketed, crossing the one million mark. What's eye-opening is that more than half bore the name of their new crown jewel. As Messi steps onto the MLS stage, the cash registers might start ringing louder.

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