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Who Is Joe Haden Wife, Know All About His Wife

Many fans want to know who is Joe Haden wife. Sarah Mahmoodshahi is most known for being married to Joe Haden, a former cornerback in American football. Before his retirement, her husband Joe played for a number of illustrious football teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns.

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Many fans want to know who is Joe Haden wife. Sarah Mahmoodshahi is most known for being married to Joe Haden, a former cornerback in American football. Before his retirement, her husband Joe played for a number of illustrious footballteams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns.
Moving into their marriage, Sarah and her husband Joe have been having a happy marriage for about ten years. Joe Haden, a former cornerback in American footballwho played in the National FootballLeague (NFL), is the spouse of Sarah Mahmoodshahi.
He played for well-known NFL clubs during his career, including the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns. Three times, Joe Haden won the Pro Bowl. In 2013, he was also selected to the Second Team All-Pro.

Quick Facts About Joe Haden's Wife

Full NameSarah Mahmoodshahi
Popular NameSarah Haden
Birth PlaceGreat Falls, Virginia
SiblingsReza Ma
Height5ft 6 in
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJoe Haden
ChildrenTwo Sons: Jett and Joseph Ali Haden

Who Is Joe Haden Wife?

The answer to your question about who is Joe Haden wife is Sarah Mahmoodshahi. Joe Haden met his wife on March 25, 2010, in Washington, D.C., at a suite during an Alicia Keys concert. They were instantly attracted to each other. The couple got engaged in September 2012, during a party organized to celebrate Sarah's brother's move to London. Joe sought permission from Sarah's mother and proposed to Sarah, who happily accepted.
Joe Haden and Sarah Mahmoodshahi got married on June 29, 2013, in Miami Beach, Florida. They have a strong and healthy married life, characterized by good communication, companionship, and commitment. The couple has two sons together, Joey Haden (born in September 2016) and Jett Haden (born in December 2018).
Sarah Mahmoodshahi prefers to keep her personal life private, and not much is known about her childhood and early life. She is currently in her 30s, stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm), and weighs around 64 kg (141 lbs). Sarah Mahmoodshahi takes care of her family and is a dedicated wife and mother.

Sarah Mahmoodshahi Bio

Sarah Mahmoodshahi, who is also known by her married name, Sarah Haden, is a successful entrepreneur and Joe Haden's wife. She is devoted to her family and always has her husband's back in the choices he makes about his work. As of right now, Sarah is 37 years old since she was born in the 1980s, more particularly in the year 1986, in the city of Great Falls, Virginia.
She was born in the United States but her family is from Iran, thus she has Persian ancestry. Sarah's height is 5 feet 6 inches (167.6 cm), and her weight is 64 kilograms (141 lbs). She has eyes that are dark brown, and her hair is also dark brown. Jett Haden and Joseph Ali Haden are the names of Sarah and Joe Haden's two boys that were born from their marriage.
Sarah Mahmoodshahi With Husband Both Smiling
Sarah Mahmoodshahi With Husband Both Smiling

Sarah Mahmoodshahi Net Worth And Salary

Although Sarah Mahmoodshahi's net worth is unknown to the general world, she and her husband Joe Haden enjoy living affluent lives. She makes a wonderful wife and mother. She is a devoted homemaker who looks for her family.

Sarah Mahmoodshahi Profession

There is no information available about the profession of Sarah Mahmoodshahi. She never shared details about her profession, maybe she want to keep a low profile and does not want to talk about her private life in public.

Does Joe Haden Have Kids?

Joe Haden and Sarah Mahmoodshahi are parents of two boys. In September 2016, the couple had their first baby, Joey Haden. After two years, the couple welcomed Jett Haden, their second son, in December 2018.

Who Is Joe Haden?

Joseph Walter Haden III, better known by his full name Joe Haden, is a retired professional footballplayer from the United States who excelled as a cornerback in the National FootballLeague (NFL).
He was a college footballplayer for the Florida Gators, where he received significant acclaim, including unanimous All-American accolades, and was born on April 14, 1989. Haden played on the Gators' squad that won the BCS National Championship.
The Cleveland Browns picked Haden in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. With the Browns, he had seven productive seasons during which he displayed his abilities and made a name for himself as a great cornerback. Haden joined the Pittsburgh Steelers after his time with the Browns, where he played for an additional five seasons, enhancing his already distinguished career.
Throughout his 12-season NFL career, Joe Haden had a tremendous influence on the field thanks to his agility, adaptability, and great defensive skills. Even though he has ended his career in professional football, both fans and other playerswill remember the contributions he made to the game.
Joe Haden With Wife And Kids
Joe Haden With Wife And Kids

College Career Of Joe Haden

Joe Haden's college career at the University of Florida was marked by outstanding performances and accolades. He joined the Florida Gators footballteam in 2007 under the guidance of head coach Urban Meyer.
As a true freshman in his debut season, Haden made an immediate impact. He started 12 games at cornerback, becoming the first true freshman in Gators history to start at the position on opening day.
Despite missing one game due to an ankle sprain, Haden recorded 63 tackles and an interception. His impressive performances earned him recognition as a freshman All-American and an All-SEC freshman selection.
In his sophomore year in 2008, Haden continued to shine. Starting all 14 games, he tallied 87 tackles and three interceptions. One notable play was his 88-yard interception return for a touchdown, which stands as the fourth-longest in Gators history.
Haden's contributions were instrumental in the Gators' victory over the Oklahoma Sooners in the BCS Championship Game, where he made 10 tackles and three pass breakups.
During his junior season in 2009, Haden showcased his versatility and playmaking abilities. He recorded 68 tackles, four interceptions, and three quarterback sacks. Haden's outstanding performances earned him numerous accolades, including being named a first-team All-SEC selection and a unanimous first-team All-American.
He also shared the Gators' most valuable player award with quarterback Tim Tebow and was honored by the Sporting News as the National Defensive Player of the Year.
Following his highly successful junior season, Haden decided to forgo his senior year and enter the NFL Draft. His impressive college career and consistent performances established him as one of the top cornerback prospects in the country, leading to his selection in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns.

Professional Career Of Joe Haaden

In the National FootballLeague (NFL), Joe Haden played professionally for 12 seasons as a cornerback for the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
The Cleveland Browns picked Haden in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft, seventh overall. He joined the squad on a five-year, $50 million deal, and in his first season, he had an instant effect. Haden had 64 tackles, 6 interceptions, and 1 forced fumble while making 15 starts.
He made plays by intercepting passes in four straight games, becoming the first Browns player to do it since 1968, showcasing his playmaking skills. Haden maintained his high standards in succeeding seasons, earning Pro Bowl and All-Pro accolades in 2013 and establishing himself as one of the top cornerbacks in the game.
After the Browns dismissed Haden in 2017, the Pittsburgh Steelers swiftly acquired his services. He had an early impact in his debut season with the Steelers, beginning as the group's left cornerback. Interceptions, tackles, and pass deflections were among Haden's efforts. Unfortunately, he broke his fibula and had to miss a number of games. Haden came back in time for the AFC Divisional Round of the playoffs.
In the following seasons, Haden maintained his outstanding play with the Steelers. He recorded interceptions, tackles, and pass deflections while showcasing his flexibility and leadership on the field. He reaffirmed his position as a crucial part of the Steelers defense in 2019 by agreeing to a two-year, $22 million contract deal with the organization. Haden was acknowledged when he was chosen to play in the Pro Bowl as a substitute in 2020.
Haden declared his decision to leave the field of professional footballon September 21, 2022. The Cleveland Browns, with whom he started his NFL career, offered him a one-day deal. Haden demonstrated his abilities, athleticism, and commitment to the game throughout the course of his 12-year career, making a lasting impression as a highly regarded cornerback.

Browns’ Joe Haden on the importance of family

Some Interesting Facts About Joe Haden Wife

  • Sarah Mahmoodshahi is the wife of former NFL cornerback Joe Haden.
  • Joe Haden played for teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns during his career.
  • Sarah and Joe have been married for about ten years.
  • Joe Haden is a three-time Pro Bowler and was selected to the Second Team All-Pro in 2013.
  • Sarah Mahmoodshahi's full name is Sarah Mahmoodshahi.
  • She was born in Great Falls, Virginia in 1986.
  • Sarah is of Persian ethnicity.
  • Her mother's name is Narges.
  • She has a sibling named Reza Ma.
  • Sarah Mahmoodshahi stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches.
  • She has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.
  • Sarah and Joe have two sons named Jett and Joseph Ali Haden.
  • Sarah Mahmoodshahi keeps her personal life private.
  • Her net worth is unknown, but she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle with her husband.
  • Sarah Mahmoodshahi's profession is not publicly known, as she prefers to maintain a low profile.

People Also Ask

What Is Joe Haden's Wife's Full Name?

Joe Haden's wife's full name is Sarah Mahmoodshahi.

When And Where Did Joe Haden And Sarah Mahmoodshahi Get Married?

Joe Haden and Sarah Mahmoodshahi got married on June 29, 2013, in Miami Beach, Florida.

How Many Children Do Joe Haden And His Wife Have?

Joe Haden and his wife have two children. They have two sons named Jett and Joseph Ali Haden.

What Is The Nationality Of Joe Haden's Wife?

Joe Haden's wife, Sarah Mahmoodshahi, is American.

What Is The Height Of Joe Haden's Wife?

Joe Haden's wife, Sarah Mahmoodshahi, is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Does Sarah Mahmoodshahi Have A Profession Or Career?

Sarah Mahmoodshahi's profession or career is not publicly known. She keeps a low profile regarding her professional life.


Joe Haden, a former NFL cornerback, has had Sarah Mahmoodshahi as a steadfast supporter and rock of strength throughout both his professional and personal life. Their romance started by happenstance during an Alicia Keys performance, and it blossomed into a stunning union that has lasted for more than ten years. Together, they have created a solid and contented family, focusing on commitment, communication, and companionship while raising two kids.
Fans were curious to know who is Joe Haden wife, Sarah Mahmoodshahi. She chooses to keep her personal and professional information out of the public glare in order to live a quiet existence. Despite the absence of information on Sarah's occupation, it is clear that she is committed to her family and her duty as a housewife.
Sarah remained at his side, encouraging him on his quest and sharing in his accomplishments, while Joe Haden's NFL career took off. Although Sarah's exact net worth is unclear, it is obvious that she and her husband have affluent lives. Because of her unshakable support and devotion to her family, Sarah Mahmoodshahi plays a crucial role in Joe Haden's life and in the development of their lasting love story.
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