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Remembering the Beginnings of Adrián Ramos from his teammates


América had the hope of winning the championship with the team of his loves in mind when he returned. By the end of 2008, Ramos was one of the menin the 'scarlet' portrait, for him to win admirers in Europe and to win the acclaim of Hertha Berlin.

For Hertha, Adrián had notable performances that allowed the other club to back him for a big move. This Latin American striker was victorious at the conclusion of the Betplay Leagueat the age of 40, not just in Europe, but returned to his native land and taught his "amusing storiesand skillsto the youths of South America.

At the press conference he spoke about his return to international form, Ramos said, “Everyone in the media seems to think I have finally found my rhythm, but I look at everything from the other side and think about it from my beginnings with him, on everything he started with the desire and love for the organization." “No matter what the situation, you do want to help others do their best.”

I see nobility, humbleness, and how much he wants to be a good role model for his family by helping his team get ahead; I see the American team captainness that goes with it.

In the meantime, he is pleased with the responsibility placed on him as a member of the team, speaking about Juan Cruz, the club's strategist, saying, "It is also my responsibility to help these younger playersdevelop, on both my name, and on my name, and to allow them to become better footballers and better people, after all I have done and everything before my time at the club."

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