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The "quarry of heroes" figure is going to Brazil.

The president of Envigado has confirmed that they have received a formal Cruzeiro offer.

Apr 15, 202128923 Shares1205133 Views
On behalf of Caracol Radio, Ruiz made clear that they have received the request from the Brazilian club, who also has inquired about the age of the 23-year player, who has been scouted by international and Colombian clubs, according to their team representative Ramiro who spoke to Vbar.
"Only Cruiro is offering something actual, so our only option is to accept the bid. There are teams from all over the world interested in obtaining his signature, as well, since he is a top-notch star. Cruiro has travelled a long distance, as far as one can see. Envig is willing to expand into that industry and link them with other companies in the mining industry "Envigo (see also: reiterated the president of Envigo) said that This is because the financial difficulties on the part of the 'Celestial' are now taking place in the Brazilian Series B, which, previously, will not be favorable to doing business.
Regarding the other side of the table, we're hopeful that we would be able to arrive at an understanding within the terms of the deal." As previously said, the clubs have already entered an understanding. according to Transfermarket, Guz's file is listed for a million and a half dollars, but the sale will fetch 1.5 million USD.
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