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Junior ended his winning streak against Santa Fe last year by becoming a father?


Santa Fe, a fairly traditional duel for junior soccerteams and at the world stage as well. According to recent records, they have appeared in the championship stages and battle it out for the title many times.

Pere also has a roundtrip edge on the Bogans-led squad of duels with four others today. Many records have already been set in the competition for a title.

For information on that, we could look at the Colombia Cup in 2015. Losing in the quarterfinals of both the first two rounds, Medellínand Once Caldas and Santa Fe have gained a berth in the final. The games final was played at the Barranquilla Ground, where everything began: going 2-0 for the locals at the start of the match against Juan David Pérez and Jorge Aguirre, followed by losses on their way to Santa Fe in the return game, which eventually culminated in defeat for the Pico's at the local rivals' stadium.

it will only take nine days for them to come face to face in the last round of the League, and in the quarterfinals, it began He found his two talents; goal-getter Roberto Ocampo from Bogota, who was on the roster, and striker Miguel Borja, who was a member of Archea's team at the time. Toloza, Ovela, Celis will score the game for Santa Fe 3 to 1

In the second round of the South American Cup 2018, Junior triumphed in Bogotát and won 1-0 in Barranquilla.

With the Barranquilla losing their quarterfinal game, their victory in the semis has also been confirmed.

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