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The Philadelphia Eagles Are Reportedly Interested In Quarterbacks In Free Agency


The Philadelphia Eagles had a rough start to the week as several difficult decisions were made on Monday. However, many of these changes could be seen from a mile away, leaving them with no other option but to move forward and make due for what lies ahead in their future.

After committing to compensate franchise quarterback Jalen Hurts, the Philadelphia Eagles were fully expecting their star-studded defense to sign elsewhere. But they didn't waste any time - moves happened at a lightning pace as many quickly moved on from Philly.

T.J. Edwards made a big move to kickstart the NFL off-season by signing an impressive three-year, $19.5 million contract with a whopping $12 million in guaranteed money! Meanwhile, defensive tackle Javon Hargrave set the bar even higher for free agents this season by agreeing to join San Francisco via an astonishing four-year deal worth up to a whopping $84 million.

According to reports, the Raiders landed Safety Marcus Epps with a huge $12 million deal. In comparison, offensive tackle Andre Dillard moved on to join the Tennessee Titans in a three-year and $29 million contract. It is clear that the two teams have just made significant investments toward their future success.

The Eagles could be making some major moves this off-season, and they may even involve bringing in a QB to join the squad. Reports suggest it won't just be Jalen Hurts commanding the offense next season.

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Adding former Patriot, Colt, Dolphin, and Browns QB Jacob Brissett to Philadelphia's roster would provide much-needed support for young gunslinger Jalen Hurts. The 30-year-old veteran brings abundant experience as a starter to bolster Philly into contention.

Jacoby Brissett is making waves this offseason, with many teams, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, reportedly interested in him. His career-best season came in 2017 when he led the Colts to a 4-11 record despite posting impressive numbers - 3,098 passing yards accompanied by 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions coupled with a further 260 rushing yards for four more scores.

And to add even more success to his resume, last year saw an equally solid performance from the quarterback as he passed for 2,942 yardage and 18 TDs whilst running up another 228+4 rush line too.

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