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Marrugo confessed the reason why he signed with Rionegro Águilas

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The Cartagena midfielder signed a contract with Rionegro Águilas this Wednesday and gave details of his return to the FPC.
Everything took place in the middle of a dialogue with Radio Múnera, from Antioquia, where Christian Marrugo revealed why he decided to return to Colombian football, after playing with Puebla de México.
Regarding the negotiation, the 34-year-old midfielder said that he first spoke with 'Choronta' Restrepo and after learning about the project, he spoke with Venezuelan coach Francesco Stifano, "he told me why he wanted me."
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Marrugo said that his objective was to settle in the capital of Antioquia for family reasons and that is why his businessman first tried Independiente Medellín.
“He contacted DIM because it was my priority and they told me that now they were not going to hire anyone. The truth is I did not get to other bigger teams because I did not look in other cities, I wanted to be with my son, spend more time with him because he already needed his dad. In Águilas they opened the door for me as I did not imagine it »
The midfielder who will play in his seventh team at the FPC, where he has worn the shirts of Nacional, DIM, Millonarios and Santa Fe, said that “with Medellín there was no talk of money. They just knocked on the door and they told me they weren't going to hire anyone and that's it. "
«I think that getting to Águilas is proof that he didn't go for money. I am very happy, very happy because they give me a job offer at a time that is not easy. The negotiation lasted fifteen minutes and here we are.
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Finally, Marrugo was enthusiastic about sharing the court with Aldo Leao Ramírez again. «I already had the chance to play with Aldo in Nacional and when you meet playerswho know how to play it is easier. I had been playing inside on the left in Mexico, but in the position that has gone the best for me is as midfielder 10, which is not used much anymore ”.
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