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How To Choose An Esports Team To Bet On? Researching And Analyzing Teams


For many avid esports fans, placing bets on their favorite teams and playerscan add an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience. However, with so many teams and games to choose from, deciding how to choose an esports team to bet oncan be a daunting task.

To choose the right esports team to bet on, it's essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the games and players involved. Keep reading the article to learn in detail.

Esports Betting Basics

Before diving into the specifics of how to choose an esports team to bet on, it is essential to understand the basics of esports betting. Here are some key terms and concepts to keep in mind:


Odds represent the likelihood of a particular team or player winning a match or tournament. Odds are usually presented in decimal or fractional formats, and the lower the odds, the higher the likelihood of winning.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting involves giving one team or player a virtual advantage or disadvantage. For example, if one team is considered the favorite to win a match, they may be given a - 1.5 handicap, meaning they would have to win by at least two games for the bet to be successful.

Live Betting

Live betting involves placing bets on a match or tournament as it is happening. This type of betting can be very exciting but also very risky as the odds can change rapidly.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is essential for any type of betting. It involves setting a budget and sticking to it, as well as avoiding chasing losses and emotional decisions.

How To Choose An Esports Team To Bet On?

Choosing an esports team to bet on can be a daunting task, especially for those new to the scene. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an esports team to bet on:

Game Knowledge

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an esports team to bet on is game knowledge. Understanding the game being played, its rules, and its strategies is essential for making informed decisions. Those who are unfamiliar with the game should take some time to watch matches and learn the basics before placing any bets.

Team History And Performance

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing an esports team to bet on is the team's history and performance. Understanding a team's past performances can give insight into their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their overall strategy. It is also essential to consider the team's current form, including recent wins and losses.

Player Skill And Form

Esports teams are made up of individual players, and understanding their skill and current form is essential when choosing a team to bet on. It is also crucial to consider the team's synergy, as even the most skilled players may struggle if they do not work well together.

Team Composition And Strategy

Esports teams often have specific compositions and strategies that they use to gain an advantage over their opponents. Understanding these strategies and how they match up against an opponent's strategy can be a significant factor in choosing a team to bet on.

External Factors

External factors, such as team morale, injuries, and even weather conditions, can also impact a team's performance. It is essential to consider these factors when choosing a team to bet on and to stay up-to-date on any news or developments that may impact the match.

Side View of a gaming Setup
Side View of a gaming Setup

Researching And Analyzing Teams

To make informed decisions when choosing an esports team to bet on, it is essential to conduct thorough research and analysis. Here are some steps to take when researching and analyzing teams:

Watch Matches And Tournaments

Watching matches and tournaments is an excellent way to learn about the games, teams, and players. It is also a great way to observe team and player strategies and to see how they perform under pressure.

Follow Esports News And Social Media

Staying up-to-date on esports news and social media is essential for understanding the latest developments in the industry. Following official social media accounts and news outlets can provide valuable insights into upcoming matches and tournaments, team and player announcements, and other important information.

Analyze Stats And Data

Analyzing stats and data can provide objective insights into a team's past performances and current form. There are many websites and resources available that provide detailed statistics on teams and players, including win/loss ratios, player ratings, and other key metrics.

Keeping an eye on betting trends and market movements can provide insights into which teams are favored to win and which teams are being overlooked. This information can be useful when making betting decisions, as it can help identify value bets and opportunities to bet against the crowd.

Consult Experts And Analysts

There are many esports experts and analysts who provide insights and predictions on upcoming matches and tournaments. Consulting these experts can provide valuable insights into the games, teams, and players and can help identify potential value bets.

Choosing A Betting Platform

Choosing a reliable and reputable betting platform is essential for a positive esports betting experience. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a betting platform:

Security And Safety

Ensuring that a betting platform is secure and safe is essential to protect personal and financial information. Look for platforms with SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and other security measures.

Reputation And Reviews

Checking a platform's reputation and reading reviews from other users can provide valuable insights into its reliability and customer service.

Betting Options And Features

Different betting platforms offer different betting options and features. Look for platforms that offer a wide range of betting options, live betting, and other features that suit individual needs and preferences.

Bonuses And Promotions

Many betting platforms offer bonuses and promotions to attract new users and retain existing ones. Consider these offers when choosing a platform, but be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

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Analyzing Game Knowledge And Strategy

Analyzing game knowledge and strategy can provide valuable insights into a team's strengths and weaknesses. Bettors should take the time to research the various games and understand the different strategies used by each team.

For example, in a game like League of Legends, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each champion and how they interact with each other can provide valuable insights into a team's overall strategy.

Similarly, in a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, analyzing a team's approach to attacking and defending different bomb sites can help identify potential strengths and weaknesses.

People Also Ask

Can You Bet On Multiple Esports Games At Once?

Yes, many betting platforms allow bettors to place bets on multiple games and tournaments simultaneously.

Is It Better To Bet On Established Esports Teams Or Newer Ones?

It depends on various factors, such as the team's recent performance and player skills. Sometimes, newer teams can provide better betting opportunities due to the lack of public knowledge.

Can External Factors, Such As Weather, Affect Esports Games?

No, external factors typically don't affect esports games since they are played in controlled environments.

Is It Essential To Have A Prior Gaming Experience To Bet On Esports?

While it's not necessary, having prior gaming experience can provide a better understanding of the games and strategies used by different teams.

How Can You Control Your Betting Habits And Avoid Addiction?

Set limits on your betting amounts and frequency, never bet more than you can afford to lose, and seek help if you feel like you are developing a gamblingaddiction.


Esports betting can be an exciting and lucrative hobby for those who take the time to learn about the games, teams, and players. Understanding the basics of esports betting and how to choose an esports team to bet on requires research, analysis, and attention to detail.

Choosing a reliable and reputable betting platform is essential for a positive and safe betting experience. With these factors in mind, esports betting can be a fun and rewarding hobby for fans of video games and competitive sports alike.

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