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Luis Muriel and Jefferson Duque in 2021 were among the top 50 scorers


The most deadly Colombians of 2021 are Luis Fernando Muriel and Jefferson Duque. The forwards showed all conditions at Atlanta and Atlético Nacionalin the first four months of the year, respectively, and were two of the 50 footballers who made up the highest scorer rankings in the country.

The International FootballFederation of the Top 50 of 2021 was released (shortened to April 30), and the Atlantic and the Antioquia were able to allow a place in the classification headed by Robert Lewandowski, who contributes 26 goals to the German National Team with Bayern Munich and The German National Team.

38th is Muriel, who has had a good year in soccerabroad, who is the leading scorer for Atalanta, and integrates the top three scorers in series A. He netted 14 goals in the first four months: 12 in the Liga, 1 in the Cup, and 1 in the Champions League.

Duque is now back at 44th with 13 goals. Currently the highest scorer in the BetPlay 2021-I League, Paisa scored 11 in a locally competitive tourney after the exclusion of Atlético Nacional. He scored 2 in the Copa Libertadores.

Any of the top 10 playersare Lionel Messi (24), Kylian Mbappé (23), Erling Haaland(20) and Gerard Moreno (19).

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