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Who Is Larry Bird Ex-Wife And Current Wife?


Larry Bird's ex-wife, Janet Condra, gained public attention following her divorce from the renowned basketball icon. Their marriage, unfortunately, lasted only a year. However, Larry Bird found lasting love in Dinah Mattingly, whom he married in 1989. Dinah Mattingly has remained an unwavering pillar in Bird's life for over three decades, providing him with unwavering support and companionship throughout his illustrious career and beyond.

Her presence has been instrumental in Bird's personal and professional life, offering stability and a source of strength. Together, they have weathered the highs and lows, proving that their bond is enduring and resilient. Larry Bird's current wife, Dinah Mattingly continues to be an essential figure in his life, sharing in his triumphs and helping him navigate the challenges that come their way.

Who Is Larry Bird Wife?

Larry Bird's wife is Dinah Mattingly. They got married in 1989 and have been together for over three decades. Dinah Mattingly, also known as Dinah Bird, has been a steadfast presence in Larry Bird's life, providing support and companionship throughout his post-basketball career.

While not seeking the spotlight herself, Dinah has been a devoted partner to Larry, sharing in his successes and supporting him behind the scenes. Together, they have raised a family and built a life together, demonstrating the strength and longevity of their relationship.

Dinah Mattingly remains an integral part of Larry Bird's personal life and is an essential pillar of support for one of basketball's all-time greats.

Who is Larry Bird wife? Larry Bird's wife is Dinah Mattingly, also known as Dinah Bird. She has been a devoted partner to Larry Bird, providing support and companionship throughout their relationship. When Larry Bird second married? Larry Bird married Dinah Mattingly in 1989, marking their union as his second marriage. How did Larry Bird meet Dinah Mattingly? Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly crossed paths during their college years, sparking the beginning of their relationship in the late 1970s. After a period of courtship, they decided to take their commitment to the next level. In 1989, Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly exchanged vows, marking Bird's second marriage.

Prior to their union, Bird had been married to Janet Condra in 1975. However, their marriage ended in a separation that lasted less than a year. It was through their shared collegiate experience that Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly found each other, ultimately forming a lasting bond that has stood the test of time. How long Larry Bird and Dinah together? Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly had been together for over three decades, since their marriage in 1989. Their enduring relationship demonstrates their commitment and dedication to each other.

Quick Facts About Larry Bird

Real Name/Full NameLarry Bird
ProfessionBasketball player, Basketball Coach, Coach, Athlete
Date Of Birth/Birthday:December 7, 1956
Age/How Old:58 years old
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Weight:100 kg
ChildrenCorrie Bird, Connor Bird, Mariah Bird
Place Of BirthWest Baden Springs, Indiana, United States

Who Is Dinah Mattingly?

Dinah Mattingly, also known as Dinah Bird, is the wife of basketball legend Larry Bird. She has maintained a private life away from the spotlight despite her husband's fame. Dinah has been a devoted and supportive partner to Larry, standing by his side throughout his career and beyond.

While not much information is publicly available about Dinah Mattingly, her commitment to their relationship is evident in their long-lasting marriage. Her presence has undoubtedly played a crucial role in Larry Bird's personal life, providing stability and companionship to one of basketball's most revered figures. Dinah Mattingly remains a cherished and integral part of Larry Bird's life.

Where is Dinah Mattingly Born? Dinah Mattingly, also known as Dinah Bird, was born in Indiana, United States. The specific city or town of her birth is not publicly disclosed. How old Dinah Mattingly now? She is 67 years old. What for Dinah Mattingly famous?

Dinah Mattingly is known for being the wife of basketball legend Larry Bird. Her relationship with Bird has drawn attention, but she has maintained a private life away from the public eye. What Dinah Mattingly doing now? She has chosen to maintain a low profile and has not been actively involved in the public spotlight so no information about this is available. Who are Dinah Mattingly's parents and siblings? Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird expanded their family through adoption, welcoming a son and a daughter into their lives.

Their son, Connor Bird, gained public attention in February 2013 for unfortunate reasons. He made headlines when he was arrested at Indiana University, facing charges of attempted murder after allegedly trying to hit his ex-girlfriend with his car. Alongside this charge, Connor also faced other legal allegations, including possession of marijuana, intimidation with a weapon, and criminal mischief. However, some of the charges were eventually dropped, and Connor was subsequently released.

In addition to Connor, Dinah Mattingly is also a stepmother to Corrie Bird. Corrie, born on August 14, 1977, is Larry Bird's daughter from his previous marriage to Janet Condra.

What is Dinah Mattingly education? Following her completion of high school in Terre Haute, Indiana, Dinah pursued her higher education at Indiana State University. Despite entering into a union with one of the most iconic basketball playersin history, Dinah has consistently chosen to maintain a low-key and private lifestyle.

Her dedication to maintaining a low profile has only added to the intrigue and admiration surrounding her relationship with the basketball legend. What nationality Dinah Mattingly have? Dinah Mattingly is an American by nationality, given that she was born in Indiana, United States. How much is Dinah Mattingly net worth? Dinah Mattingly's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Larry Bird Standing With His Wife
Larry Bird Standing With His Wife

Who Is Larry Bird Ex-Wife?

Larry Bird's ex-wife is Janet Condra. The couple got married in 1975 and divorced in 1976, shortly after their marriage. Janet Condra has kept a relatively low profile since her divorce from Larry Bird.

Not much information is available about her life following their separation. Their marriage, though short-lived, played a part in Larry Bird's personal journey and contributed to the narrative of his life. While Janet Condra's role in Larry Bird's story may have ended with their divorce, she remains a significant figure in the history of the basketball legend.

How long was Larry Bird married to his first wife? Larry Bird was married to his first wife, Janet Condra, for a relatively short period. They tied the knot in 1975 but unfortunately divorced the following year in 1976. Their marriage lasted for approximately one year before the couple decided to part ways. How much Janet Condra net worth? She has $1 million net worth.

How Many Biological Children Does Larry Bird Have?

Larry Bird has two biological children. His first child is a daughter named Corrie Bird, who was born during his first marriage to Janet Condra. Larry Bird also has a son named Connor Bird, who was born in 1988 during his relationship with Dinah Mattingly.

Both Corrie and Connor have been a part of Larry Bird's life and have inherited their father's passion for sports. While Larry Bird's professional career has been widely celebrated, his role as a father has also been significant in shaping his personal life and legacy.

Some Interesting Facts About Larry Bird

  • Larry Bird was born on December 7, 1956, in West Baden Springs, Indiana, USA.
  • He earned the nickname "Larry Legend" due to his exceptional basketball skillsand numerous accolades.
  • Bird played college basketball for the Indiana State Sycamores and led them to the NCAA Championship game in 1979.
  • He spent his entire professional career with the Boston Celtics, winning three NBA championships in 1981, 1984, and 1986.
  • Bird is a three-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP), winning the award consecutively from 1984 to 1986.
  • He was known for his intense rivalry with Magic Johnson, both as a college competitor and an NBA opponent.
  • Bird represented the United States in the Olympics, winning a gold medal in the 1992 BarcelonaGames as part of the "Dream Team."
  • After retiring as a player, Bird transitioned into coaching and front-office roles, serving as a head coach and later as President of Basketball Operations for the Indiana Pacers.
  • Bird was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1998 as both a player and a coach.
  • His impact on the game of basketball is widely recognized, and he is considered one of the greatest players in NBA history.


Net Worth

Larry Bird's net worth is estimated to be around $75 million. He has earned his wealth through various sources throughout his basketball career and beyond.

Bird had a highly successful career with the Boston Celtics, and his playing contracts in the NBA were lucrative, contributing significantly to his net worth. Bird has also ventured into business, including owning car dealerships in Indiana. His business endeavors have contributed to his overall net worth.


The personal life of basketball legend Larry Bird has been shaped by two significant womenhis ex-wife Janet Condra and his current wife Dinah Mattingly. While his marriage to Janet Condra was brief, it played a part in Bird's personal journey. Their divorce led to a new chapter in Bird's life, where he found love and companionship with Dinah Mattingly.

Dinah has been a steadfast presence, supporting Bird through the ups and downs of life. Their enduring relationship reflects the strength and commitment they share. Janet Condra and Dinah Mattingly have played pivotal roles in the story of Larry Bird, adding depth to the legacy of this basketball icon.

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