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Gained the Chance to Face Ecuador in the Andean Summit Challenge


The Colombian National Women's team is prepping for the Cup (also known as the Women's World Cup) which it will look to defend in addition to winning, in 2022 in New Zealand. It will play its second friendly fixture against the other nation, within the limits of the FIFADate.

The other team's followers are led by Maria Catalina Usquis and may justly be said to have dominated the Andean competition, leading by the goal score of a single point. The Tricolor was training for next year's championship, defeating the US two years in a row.

In the preview for the second dedication, the technical director Emily Lima said, "We're competing with the second best South American team, so it was in our objectives to compete against teams that were above us. Losing doesn't like everyone, but we see success through our regular cycles of failure."

  • 04/13/2003 (Loja, Ecuador): Ecuador 1-1 Colombia (South American).
  • 11/16/2006 (Mar del Plata, Argentina): Ecuador 2-2 Colombia (South American).
  • 11/21/2009 (Sucre, Bolivia): Colombia 1-0 Ecuador (Bolivarians).
  • 09/17/2014 (Ambato, Ecuador): Ecuador 0-1 Colombia (America's Cup).
  • 09/26/2014 (Sangolqui, Ecuador): Colombia 2-1 Ecuador (America's Cup).
  • 04/11/2015 (Tulcán, Ecuador): Ecuador 1-4 Colombia (Friendly).
  • 04/15/2015 (Pasto, Colombia): Colombia 2-1 Ecuador (Friendly).
  • 04/10/2021 (Quito, Ecuador): Ecuador 0-1 Colombia (Friendly).

The South American and Bolivian senior teams have met Ecuador in five games (World Cup and Copa América), and even three friendly games. The team has never lost with 6-2 or 2-6 records.

Probable Lineups Ecuador - Colombia

Ecuador (4-1-4-1): Andrea Morán; Kerlly Real, Suany Fajardo, Ligia Moreira, Carla Capurro; Erika García, Nicole Charcopa, Marthina Aguirre, Arella Jácome, Manoly Baquerizo; Nayerly Bolaños.

Colombia (4-2-3-1): Sandra Sepúlveda; Carolina Arias, Daniela Arias, Tatiana Castañeda, Viviana Acosta; Jessica Caro, María Morales; Diana Ospina, Angie Castañeda, Gisela Robledo and Catalina Usme.

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