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Prize Pool For Women's World Cup This Year Is A Record-breaking


The prize pool for Women's World Cup this yearis a record-breaking. England and Australia are presently engaged in a fierce competition to determine which team will go to the World Cup final.

The Lionesses stand to win a significant sum of money for the competition if they are successful in advancing to the championship round. There is no denying that the women's game is now getting the support it deserves from broadcasters and large corporations, which has led to the sport's undeniable ascent.

This indicates that the World Cup being held in Australia this year will bring in the highest money ever. All of the participating teams are eligible to win a share of the overall prize pool, which is valued at 86.25 million British pounds and was put together by FIFA.

Women's Football World Cup prize money tripled in 2023
Women's Football World Cup prize money tripled in 2023

A separate portion of it is given out to each of the 32 countries who are competing in the event, and the amount that is given out changes after each round. Therefore, the total prize pool for the group stage will be £1.2 million, the round of 16 will be worth £1.46 million, and the quarterfinals will be worth £1.7 million.

This means that every team will get the group stage prize pool. The squad that comes in fifth place will be awarded £1.9 million, while the club that finishes in third will take home $2.04 million. The team that finishes in second place at the World Cup will receive £2.36 million, while the team that takes first place will take home a cool £4.29 million.

In order to put this into perspective, it is important to note that the past editions of the Women's World Cupdid not get anything like this level of financial backing. Four years ago, the overall prize pool for all of the competing teams was £23.5 million, however four years prior to that, the prize pool was just half that amount.

On the other hand, the men's game has traditionally been in a healthy financial position, with lots of money floating around in the coffers. For instance, the prize pool for the most recent men's World Cup, which was held in Qatar the year before last, was an amazing £345 million, with £32.9 million going to the victorious team.

This was a little improvement over the competition that took place in Russia in 2018, where the victorious French team took home £29.7 million of the total prize purse of £313.6 million.

And it is clear that the playerswho are participating in the tournament that features a star-studded field are aware of this fact. The midfielder for Brann, criticized FIFA in an interview before to the World Cup for its treatment of the women's game in comparison to the men's game.

Collective bargaining has allowed us to ensure we now get the same conditions as the Socceroos, with one exception: FIFA will still only offer women one-quarter as much prize money as men for the same achievement.- Tameka Yallop, midfielder for Brann

Final Words

FIFA President Gianni Infantino promised earlier this year that reform was on the way.

Our ambition is to have equality in payments for the 2026 men's and 2027 women's World Cup. This is the objective that we set to ourselves. FIFA is stepping up with actions, not just with words.- Gianni Infantino

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