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Which Players Are Out Of Contract At The End Of The 2022 Season? Where Might They Move To?


The summer transfer window is always a highly-awaited event, and when our favourite playersare coming to the end of their contract, the excitement grows even more. In 2021, records were broken when Jack Grealish was secured for £100m, Red Devil legend Cristiano Ronaldoreturned to Old Trafford, and Lionel Messi took to Stamford Bridge. With all of the hot action of 2021, 2022 has a hard act to follow. With that in mind, we get a head start by looking at the most notable players that will be out of contract by June 2022.

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is currently part of the PSG super team. However, chatter coming out of the club indicates that he won’t be renewing his contract. With this in mind, June 2022 will likely see a phenomenal transfer battle between Real Madrid and Liverpool. According to sources, Liverpoolalready has plans to claim the PSG superstar for free. Speaking of signing up, if you’re looking to bet on the transfer action, you should make the most of these fantastic Quinnbet sign up deals. Do your research now, and you will play the odds well next year.


Brazillian midfielder Fernandinho has been a great asset to Man City for a staggering eight seasons. However, after agreeing to a one-year extension, his contract is finally expiring in June 2022. If the current captain were to depart Man City, Pep Guardiola would have a difficult time attempting to find a replacement. Hopefully, for City’s sake, a contract renewal can be agreed on.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is constantly having the vultures discuss his future. However, speculation is only just warming up, with his Manchester Unitedcontract due to end in 2022. Currently, PSG and Real Madrid are gearing up to fight for the French national. Further, there is chatter to suggest that Pogba’s former club Juventus are keen to have their player back. At this point, it’s too early to say what will happen next year. After all, he might end up staying at Old Trafford now that they are under new management.

Juan Mata

After agreeing to another year at Old Trafford, Juan Mata’s contract is due to expire at the end of 2022. At the moment, it doesn’t look like any other clubs are looking to snap Mata up. After all, he has explicitly noted that he is determined to remain a Red Devil. However, in football, this can change. There have been reportsthat claim the Red veteran midfielder is debating a January transfer after being benched for much of the season. However, like Pogba, Mata may benefit from new Management at Old Trafford.

Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala currently plays for Juventus and is due to expire in June 2022. For some reason, Dybala has been speculated to be departing Juventus for what feels like forever. However, next year the departure speculation may become a reality. Over recent years, Manchester United have been the most associated with the anticipated move. However, there are bound to be many other clubs circling Dybala in an attempt to snap him up next year.

Luis Suarez

Being 34 years old, Luis Suarez is considered to be in the endgame of his career. After moving from Barcelonato Atletico Madrid on a 2 year contract that's due to run out in 2022, the star is keen to stay where he is. Since leaving Barcelona, Suarez has racked up an impressive goal count - his age clearly isn't slowing this star down. Despite wanting to stay at Atletico, things can change, especially on the back of an outlash at club bossabout goalscoring drought.

The footballtransfer window is always a highly anticipated time and one that is tracked by the bookies constantly. In 2021, records were broken, and legends made outstanding moves to elite clubs. In 2022, there is an enormous roster of players coming to the end of their contract. Will we see United lose notable players, or will their new management bring them to an agreement? Will Bayern Munich finally lose Goretzka, or will they tie him down one more time? - You can find out next June.

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