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Gerardo Martino Net Worth As Manager Of The Mexico National Football Team

Tata Martino, formerly known as Gerardo Daniel Martino, is the current manager of the Mexico national football team. Gerardo Martino is of Argentine descent and played professionally in the past.

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Tata Martino, formerly known as Gerardo Daniel Martino, is the current manager of the Mexico national footballteam.
Gerardo Martinois of Argentine descent and played professionally in the past.
In his hometown of Rosario, Martino mostly played for a team called Newell's Old Boys.
He has played a total of 505 matches with the squad in all official tournaments, making him the current holder of the record for most appearances with the team.
Additionally, a fan vote determined that during the whole of Newell's existence, he had been the team's most valuable player.
Martino was selected to succeed Tito Vilanova as manager of FC Barcelonaat the beginning of the 2013–14 season.
However, on May 17, 2014, Martino announced his resignation from his position, despite the fact that his team finished in second place in both the Copa del Rey and La Liga that season.
In 2015, he guided Argentina to the final of the Copa America, although they were ultimately beaten on penalties by the hosts, Chile.
The Copa America Centenario was another tournament that his squad competed in and came out on the losing end of, this time against the reigning champion Chile on penalties.
Martino tendered his resignation from the Argentine national team on July 5th, 2016.
He was given the position of head coach of the Major League Soccerexpansion club Atlanta United FC, which started its first season of play in 2017.
Martino was voted the Coach of the Year in the MLS before leaving to take over the Mexico national team.
In the squad's second season, Martino guided them to an MLS Cup triumph, earning them the award.

Gerardo Martino Early Life

Gerardo Martino, Sitting with Worried Experieces, His Right Hand on His Cheek
Gerardo Martino, Sitting with Worried Experieces, His Right Hand on His Cheek
Although he was born in South America, Martino has an overall heritage that can be traced back to Italy.
To give you an example, his grandparents come from the town of Ripacandida, which is located in the province of Potenza in the Italian region of Basilicata.
The majority of Martino's boyhood was spent at the park known as Parque de la Independencia, either playing footballor tennis with his pals. As a result, that park is a significant location in his life and is referred to as "The Colossus of the Park" among the surrounding community.
Regrettably, Martino has not divulged a great deal more information than this on his upbringing or academic career.

Gerardo Martino Youth Career

In point of fact, Martino got his career off at an exceptionally young age. To provide more clarification, he had not yet reached the age of majority when he began his career as a player.
He had not quite reached the age of 10 when he made his debut with the Newell's Old Boys. His professional career began in 1972 and continued until 1980; after that, he went up to play for senior teams. His whole career spanned the years 1972–1980.
After making his debut with the senior side of Newell's Old Boys, he went on to score 35 goals while appearing in 392 games. In addition, Martino won three championships with the Newell's in 1980 when he was just 17 years old.
As part of the deal, Martino played for Tenerife in 1991 before returning to Newell's to continue his professional career.
After that, he played for Newell's until 1995, and then he went on to play for O'Higgins and Barcelona SC. After that, he retired.
In addition to that, Martino has participated in the Argentina National FootballSquad both as a senior player and as a member of the Argentina Under-20 team in 1981.

Paraguay National Team

Martino accepted the position of head coach of the Paraguay national team in February 2007, succeeding Uruguayan Anibal "Mao" Ruiz. Martino embraced the opportunity with open arms.
Martino had previously won the Paraguayan league four times by the time he became the team's coach, beginning in 2002 and continuing through 2006.
As he struggled to deal with the demands of his position, he eventually made the decision to declare that he would step down as coach of the squad after the 2010 FIFAWorld Cup.
In addition to this, he went so far as to explain the end of his contract; yet, he continued to play for the squad for one more season until the 2011 Copa America.

Gerardo Martino And Lionel Messi

Gerardo Martino And Lionel Messi Played Together At Newell's Old Boys
Gerardo Martino And Lionel Messi Played Together At Newell's Old Boys
It would seem that Martino and Lionel Messi played together on the same team at Newell's Old Boys in the past. Martino and Messi are said to have been teammates at the Argentina club around the same time period, according to the sources.
However, none of them was aware of the other's ignorance of the fact, and they did not get acquainted with one another until Tata Martino recruited him to the squad.
In a similar vein, Martino made a statement in 2019 suggesting that Messi did not merit the FIFA The Best award, which sparked issues.
Martino asserts, contrary to what most people believe, that he never used the infamous catchphrase.
Instead, Tata said that it was Zubizarreta's fault, the former Sporting Director who claimed that Tata had spoken such a word. Zubizarreta has now resigned from his position.

Gerardo Martino - Style And Achievements

Martino is revered as a coach and manager across the whole of Argentina. In addition, as the creator of Europe's first initiative, he has already established a place for himself in the competition.
Martino's depiction paints a picture of an aggressive, high-pressing, attacking footballstyle that incorporates elements of the Spanish style.
  • Argentine Primera División: 1987–88, 1990–91 & 1992 Clausura
  • Paraguayan Primera Division: 2002, 2003 & 2006
  • Paraguayan Primera Division: 2004
  • Supercopa de España: 2013
  • MLS Cup: 2018
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup: 2019
  • South American Coach of the Year: 2007
  • MLS All-Star: 2018
  • MLS Coach of the Year: 2018

Gerardo Martino - Net Worth

Martino is one of the most sought coaches, and he has a staggering net worth of $25 million in addition to a salary of $7 million.
In addition to that, he is still under the terms of the $8.8 million deal he signed to lead Mexico for the next four years.

People Also Ask

Is Gerardo Martino Mexican?

Gerardo Daniel "Tata" Martino is a former Argentine professional footballer and the current manager of the Mexican national team.

Did Tata Coach Barcelona?

Tata Martino's managerial prowess extended beyond Paraguay.
In reality, the Argentine coach arrives at Barcelona having just won the league championship with Newell's Old Boys.

Why Did Tata Martino Leave Barca?

Martino believes he was finally shown the door by Barca because he attempted to alter the club's well-known, traditional style of ball-playing football.


Gerardo Martino favors an aggressive, high-pressing style of play.
Martino kept the club's favored style of play, tiki-taka, at Barcelona while also implementing his own tactics.
All of Martino's teams have the same distinguishing characteristics: they play attacking football, are inventive, and rely on rapid passing.
Additionally, Martino's teams push high up the field, play out from the back, and rely on their youth systems.
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